Index R – Z


The Rise of Icarus
 – continuation from Wings of Icarus
Revere The Dead – I enjoyed writing this poem
Return to Oblivion – A rare “dark” poem
Revelations – A bold statement
randomly new – made up of 4 separate poems, and I was particularly pleased and proud at the outcome
Return to Yesterday – A rare romantic poem
Reawakening the Lost Humanity
Raag Ashaqi – With much courage I share an audio clip of me playing music.
Raag Megha ~ Rain Melody – Some more music
recycled myths
rights and wrongs
RIP Garissa University College Students – A dedication. Confusion and anger
Respect and Honour
remnants of identity – this poem surprised me, pleasantly
Rise in Revolution
Rest in Music – A dedication
Rearranged – Poetry workshop assignment
Red Stilettos, and a Pair of Shoes –  Something I would never have tried out. Poetry workshop assignment
Recognition – Heartfelt thanks
Roses are Red… – couple of photos I took


The Spring Chrysalis – written by my daughter Alya at a very young age
The Shadows Reveal – This poem came to me when I thought I couldn’t write any more
She sings songs…
Strands of Saffron – Particularly proud of this poem. Never wanted to write it but it went on to be published in an anthology of War Poetry
Stained Reflections – One of my favorites
Shadow of the Moon
Searching… A Dedication
Separated by Nature
A Serpent Charmed – Loved writing this story-poem

Shifting Words
The Song of the Sufi – A timeless song, and the story behind it

Silence Speaks
The Sun Also Rises
Seeds of Wisdom
so little, so many – a delightful interaction of couplets
so many borders – A poem close to my heart
Seven Veils
Secrets Within Secrets
Salt and Sweet – A request poem
Sweet Water
sides of a coin – much meaning in this verse
shades of reality
soul cages
stairway to heaven
Silenced Justice
The Spirit of a True Leader – A dedication to a True Leader
A Season for Martyrs – Won me an audio book!
Speaking to God – An amazing song

seek to hide
Seeds of Revolution
safer faith
searching for silence
Stories To Tell – Some photos from my day trip

strength of soul
A Slave Forever – Meanings within meanings

Suspended Dreams – Sometimes dreams come true
Sleep’s Courage
Stranded! – I enjoyed not only writing this but also every time I read it
the sound and the fury – read if you dare!
Silent Words – Take heed
A Sunset from the East – Inspiration: My view of the sunset
seven – Incredible connections
search for reality
shifted reality
something old, something new -Some full moon fun
Sound – Fusion of music, very powerful and soothing
a secret escapes
sweet words
sides of the universe – Secrets of the Self
sweet tears  – A spontaneous dedication: International Women’s Day 2017
Silent Symphony – the wonder of Creation
Second Glance – the purpose of this poem is not as obvious as it seems
Silver – A photo and (half) a Caption
Serving Time – Of time and space

seek…   – All about Seeking and I learnt a lot from this interaction. In particular I was pleased with the image.
savour each breath – the value of each breath…and a little more


A Thousand Prostrations and Others … – A collection of micropoetry
Treasure Hunt
Through the eyes of a 12 year old – My then 12 year old daughter Alya
Time To Wake
tears of reprisal
True Strength
truths or lies – very true…or not?
there was a time – a little about my creative journey
time in a bottle
a touch of doubt – and don’t you doubt this! ;)

tainted by memories
Trust Reality
turn back – Incredible inspirations from a photo I took
Tempt Me – Nature
trapped in paradise
trace of humanity  – Hope
titanium tears
Two Stories – I enjoyed the flow of this poem
a touch of perspective
Touch of Gold
tears of a starfish – From an ordinary photo came a powerful story. I honestly enjoyed writing this. Wish I could do it again!
today, for always – read this today! :)
truths for sale – and some for free :)
the Tenth – A painstaking effort, and one I am honoured to have compiled
Time’s Legacy – Inspiration: Photo taken by my daughter, Alya
tomorrow may never come – Delighted by this poetic interaction, partly in Urdu
the thought of you – When imagination is stretched
a touch of crimson – a short story poem, and a painting


* untitled * – It was worth re-writing this poem when I lost my original draft
Undefeated Stallion – Perhaps my favourite poem by Alya

Unveiling – I composed this poem from a series of tweets. To date, it remains my personal favorite poem
Unbound…– Do not leave this poem Unread :)
Unlearning – A song I really hunted
uncertain attention – Give this poem some attention, won’t you? :)

unanswered prayer
Ultimate Desire – Inspiration: Sadhguru
Unknown Destiny
the Unsaid – I am so glad for this request to write about the Urdu word AnKahi.

unheard sounds  – Listen!
Unnoticed – a combination of 2 micropoems
UnMeditate – Assignment. Instructions on how to undo something
The Undisputed Queen – Full moon photography and poetry


Vermillion on her Forehead and Others … – Micropoetry collection
vulnerable petals
a voice from the past 


When A Man Prays – A beautiful thought
Wings of Icarus – I loved the way this poem flowed spontaneously
Water Unpoured and Others … – A collection of micropoetry
Where We Belong
When wishes collide
What should be …
Walking Among the Lost
when heaven sanctions…
wordless poetry
a wordless world
when you are no one
war, for peace – With a little help from my daughters Alya & Samia :)
wiser than wisdom
Waning Willpower
What never was, Never will be
what I am not – so then, who am I?
wise monkeys – Inspired by Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys story
Walking With Intention Day 6 by Sonya Kassam – An essay:  A Letter From God
while the rumour is raw – Fake news, anyone?
We will all die – Need some motivation?
written in the stars
a wish for wealth – Inspiration: An article by Stephen Hawking
where light divides – A photo taken from Space: India/Pakistan
Wallowing – What an incredibly difficult time I had in this assignment from my poetry workshop, but totally worth it!
World’s End – Guest post and an introduction to a project I am involved it. Do check it out.
A World of Words – of observation and experiences
The Worth of a Conversation – A fascinating conversation
where are you? –  A perspective of time. Inspiration: a quote by Osho


“X” – I took up the challenge to write a poem with the letter “X. There were other letters available and I had no idea what I was going to write about


You Look Like Me – Something I felt very hurt by and I have tried to present it as tenderly as I could.
You and I – A rare structured poem, I was pleased with the outcome
Yet Another Goodbye
Your Burden of Ego
yours to keep – It was a pleasing to write

You Live in my Prayer – My most audacious poem yet! It very special
Yeshua – Do listen to the song, heavenly I am sure you will agree
Yet Another Secret