randomly new

forbidding thoughts that are new
harvests of regurgitated concepts
progressing on a treadmill
ultimate destination…

old stars burn out
slowly sacrificing their cores
so that new stars are born
giving you a chance
to alter your destiny

new promises to break
new dreams to shatter
new smiles to fake
new lies to mutter
old values at stake
dignity no longer matters

over time
new meanings
between layers
of ancient verses
in substantial scriptures
…. god must be a poet

this “poem” is actually made up of 4 separate and unrelated micropoems. Created from prompts using phrases containing the word “new” over 4 consecutive days. I usually stay away from similar prompts too close to each other, because I am afraid that I will end up only re-wording the same theme and see the limitations of my creativity. I am happy that I pushed myself to try out these prompts and proud of an invisible, though unintended, flow through them. Incidentally, the 4 prompts by #orjay were…
~ new harvests
~ new stars
~ new promises
~ new meanings

co-incidence? or conspiracy

9 thoughts on “randomly new

  1. Dear Sonya,
    How wonderful is this poem of 4 micro-poems! Thank you so much for creating and sharing it here.
    I’m left with reflections about the depth and power of sincerity and authenticity.
    All good wishes,


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