After I created A Land, Broken at my poetry workshop we had to rearrange the same poem from 2 quatrains to 4 couplets, without deleting or adding any words. 

when should we be unheard?
we, the interdependent and erect hearts

spoke in the master’s tongue
                                “forget our broken blood was borderless

                                what we reject is a line once written and sung
                                when a land by that one independent carved wall is

                                never in pain, the same seamless songs around her”

I guess since I had no intention behind the poem, its meaning is open to interpretation. Would love to know what you got from this rearranged poem. It wasn’t easy I must say! But it was something different and it was lots of fun.

10 thoughts on “Rearranged

  1. Dear Sonya,

    This re-arranged poem provokes contemplation! It’s amazing how meaning-nuances change with a re-ordering the inner parts of a poem.

    All good wishes,



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