A Season for Martyrs

Those who are slain in the name of God
Do not consider them as dead
And what then should we consider those
Who are merely dying to live
But suffer persecution in your name

Unintended pawns
In someone else’s game
Naive and unaware of their misdemeanors
Uncomprehending of those rigid minds
How do you permit your colorful world
To be viewed in black or white?

I ask not out of defiance
Nor from any arrogance
I only ask because
You counsel us to question
And to wonder

Perhaps as the winds change
This season too shall pass
A season for martyrs
A season for living martyrs


This poem was inspired by Bina Shah’s book A Season for Martyrs. It also gives me an opportunity to win the AudioBook which is now out at Audible.com and is narrated by Saad Haroon. It would be my very first experience of an audiobook. You can read more about the book and listen to a sample of the narration at Bina’s blog.


6 thoughts on “A Season for Martyrs

  1. we live because that is the only option. There is a poem by a Sindhi poet, “You needed me, I did not ask to be made human. ” It is a pointer to the Hadees e qudsee, “I was alone, then I decided to make myself known, so I created the creation”…


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this most interesting poem. I very much like the manner in which you refer to those who “are merely dying to live.”

    All good wishes,



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