come walk with me

in between heaven and hell i am destined neither craving one nor fearing the other come walk my path of beauty free your heart to see unpray your prayers unforgive your sins discard these burdens idle weights on your soul come walk with me words without meaning predictable infatuations forever diffuses into nothing nothing remains forever … Continue reading come walk with me

goodbye after goodbye

goodbye after goodbye worlds drifted apart brick by brick barriers were raised moments within moments they became just memories prayers, more prayers but no one listened took nothing away from nothing and only nothing remained ... we could have had it all

echoes and reflections

ask yourselves this... from where do negative echoes reflect off? therein lies your problem therein too lies your solution stop chasing the echo stop admiring the reflection when prayers become echoes from reflections of the idols when words from scriptures reveal less than they conceal then i believe in me  

forever’s hope

and they hacked and they killed ... but humanity never died and we searched  and we prayed ... but it was ourselves we found

Loving You is Hard Work

Loving you is hard work Keeping up with your ego A tempest you are one day Calm and receptive the next Self-inflicted flaws For which you may incriminate me But yet I love you, though hard work As you age, not so gracefully Hopeful memories That the good old days shall be back And I will … Continue reading Loving You is Hard Work

* untitled *

not every courtyard shows the night stars not every desert is destined to be barren not every wave has submitted to gravity not every river longs to meet the sea not every tear is shed in sorrow nor in joy... not every butterfly is aware of her beauty not every light has the ability to … Continue reading * untitled *

I wonder

I wonder Where lightning goes after the flash Does it become the silver lining? Where do dreams go as we wake Or do they hide under our eyelids? What happens to words after you speak Are they written on the pages of time? And the pain when wounds heal Do cells cling on to memories? … Continue reading I wonder

a wordless world

in a wordless world a poet is prince just as the painter rules over a drab domain or an empathetic soul in the cruel cosmos but imagine for a moment if this world had no words none to describe the beauty nor to poison our minds if prayers were through deeds if leaders governed with … Continue reading a wordless world

frozen tears

frozen tears like crystal drops on bloodied rivers calls of injustice unanswered and the world watches... wonder at the dignity of a nation as He too bides His time in answering our prayers humanity must evolve it's now or never ~ Gaza ~

Mumbled Words

Mumbled words of prayer Faculties devoid of reasoning Closed hearts, numb souls Mumbled words of prayer Left hand steals As your right slaughters Mumbled words of prayer The same tongue spreads hate Brother against brother Mumbled words of prayer Though one eye is open Suspicious of neighbourly intentions Mumbled words of prayer Counted on rosaries … Continue reading Mumbled Words