I celebrate Women's Day with a few of my previous poems plus some recent thoughts. sweet tears   at the point where night bids farewell she raises her head, crowned by a pallu of sizzling red, gold a slender mangalsutra enhances her slightly inverted neck the strongest of henna the darkest of kohl the boldest of kumkum a piercing flame … Continue reading Celebrate!

The Lady Of Light

Though we identify light as revealing The Divine's noor* acts as a veil, to protect her Adorned by surahs**, expressions of the revelation Only she could counter humiliation with even more dignity The confluence for defined and unperceived truths Her presence was a mere tip of a mystical iceberg A mother, an exceptional lineage Would I be … Continue reading The Lady Of Light

ignored voices

it is only collectively that ignored voices gather momentum echoes from the past drumbeaters of the future People Power

People Power

Not in their numbers, nor in their riches Not even in their positions But only in persistence do people find their power *** our brave heroes at Karbala stood up for justice and against oppression they were few in number, had little material wealth and were not leaders Speak up! Persistently!

wise monkeys

amidst muted colors we saw no evil blaring sound but we heard no evil with ambiguous words no evil we spoke heads buried in the sand wise monkeys we are

searching for silence

in this world filled with noise i am searching for silence where is it? oh wait.. i see it.. right up there next to injustice

judgement day

~ even god waits until judgement day ~

Silenced Justice

while justice remains silenced hypocrisy acts as the instrument that deludes the ignorant and subdues those exploited

if only…

if only this world was big enough for all of us.... .....Wait! (Need I say more?)

wordless poetry

though their obituaries are wordless poetry shall be recited by angels at the tiny graves of martyrs victims whose only fault was they happen to be born on the other side of the wall This poem is about the children of Gaza and a reminder of the people suffering oppression and injustice. At the same … Continue reading wordless poetry