Rise in Revolution

I do not ask that you rise in revolution I only ask that you shed leathery skin Scaled to trap layers of numbness Snug, until temperatures rise I only ask that you incinerate blinkers Serving to suffocate your vision Though you move onward Awake but in a constant stupor When awareness strikes It may be just … Continue reading Rise in Revolution

a touch of perspective

even when everything is fact a touch of perspective creates a revolution in the mind that is open and willing to shift

ignored voices

it is only collectively that ignored voices gather momentum echoes from the past drumbeaters of the future People Power

back to silence

if you turn your back to silence it makes you complicit in its cover up karma filters through time transcends the loudest denials if you turn your back to silence it will pursue and shroud you when you need it ...the least and... if you turn your back to silence under assumption it means subjugation … Continue reading back to silence

going off on a tangent

you were the tangent to the circle of my life why did you not let me fly off with you? left me drifting within meaningless revolutions rotating endlessly on a crippled axis where the winter of imagination is permanent seeds of concepts wither away unsprouted and the pages of my book... ...blank *** if my source of inspiration ever … Continue reading going off on a tangent

comfort zone

live your life such that each comfort zone you slip into should be a place of recuperation, reflection before you move to the next your comfort zone should not be too... ...err...comfortable after a while it should in fact agitate you to climb higher to change direction to recharge your inspiration a revolutionary thinking an … Continue reading comfort zone

insecure leaders

nothing quite as lethal nothing as contaminating as leaders who are insecure about their leadership placed in a position of power they spew out fear as an exaggerated means of control like a depraved shepherd promising protection whilst leading the herd to the slaughterhouse behind luscious grass well fed, tender meat reclaim your identity secure … Continue reading insecure leaders

Seeds of Revolution

Head held high an illustrious goodbye noose tightens he smiles knowing he sowed the seeds of revolution Will you water them?

the power of tranquility

trapped by its calm reflection the sky in sea appears helpless a message for all never underestimate the power of tranquility waves roar and crash though they accept sovereignty of the moon detached, a vision of ease for all the noise of thunder it has not the ability to strike nor to illuminate the heavens … Continue reading the power of tranquility

the last poets

the last poets have come and gone but their words remain in every language embedded in melody revolutionizing seekers of change ~ dedicated to those who use their art to make this world a better place ~