The Undisputed Queen

The full moon earlier this month was just amazing. At my meditation time, it was positioned in the small space between our two perfect! Here are my thoughts and some photos of that beautiful night. Such a gorgeous Full Moon tonight Although I see the clouds have stolen her thunder Hmmm... The clouds have … Continue reading The Undisputed Queen

Here I Am

Where Are You? Night after night I watch the moon set Stars going to rest My eyes are burning My ears are yearning To hear your footsteps Trying to locate them In the heartbeats within Where are you? *** Here I Am I am the moon that you wistfully watch I am the stars that you … Continue reading Here I Am

Edge of Nothing

at the edge of nothing and beyond nothing i found even more nothing it is this nothing that holds the stars in their places the same nothing that is between each cell in my body that space where nothing exists where nothing is extinguished that space of uncreating creation that space of indestructibility the nothing … Continue reading Edge of Nothing

something old, something new

(something old, something new) She woke from the East, the cradle of ancient wisdom Caught a glimpse of new born stars along the way (something borrowed, something blue) Her gown radiant with the borrowed light Blue were the lovers, now where could they hide? *** This evening's full moon was exquisite in a clear sky, with a … Continue reading something old, something new

written in the stars

what was once written in the stars was re-written down on earth by determination free will and a tinge of luck

feel the earth

if you could feel the earth rotate would you be less arrogant would you be reminded that you are indeed a recipient of her hospitality that truly there is nowhere to go planets are distant cousins looking after their own the burning stars are cold none to welcome you the milky way is far from … Continue reading feel the earth

destiny leads you…

covering yourself to appear unseen, but when the stars reflect off the blackness of your veil how can he resist perceiving you? softest of whispers may be unheard, though echoes chime through separations for how long will your thoughts remain suppressed, when two can share one dream? the same dream... run if you like, but how … Continue reading destiny leads you…

* untitled *

not every courtyard shows the night stars not every desert is destined to be barren not every wave has submitted to gravity not every river longs to meet the sea not every tear is shed in sorrow nor in joy... not every butterfly is aware of her beauty not every light has the ability to … Continue reading * untitled *

own light

I wonder how we would see the stars ~ count the nights anticipate the elusive crescent if the moon had her own light would the owl be as wise if the moon had her own light and the wolf be able to howl each and every night? if the moon had her own light would … Continue reading own light

no choice

and i had no choice~ but to paint in the dark~ for how else~ would i see the stars?