Index A – D


A little about me. . . and my favourite poem – Still stands as my favourite poem!
Another Lost Soul – A touch of humour :)
Another Man’s Grave
Alone, Alone I Will Go – Challenge: Until Our Last Breath. A very personal poem
ancient minds
All Hell Broke Loose – The lighter side of Hell
always, anytime
and one more request
against the moon  – of how we can all make a difference
An Ordinary Nothing – Observing human nature through Nature
all who wander
as clear as night



Beyond The Ballot Box 
– The initial draft of this poem was lukewarm and I was advised to think of people marching. Well, that wasn’t quite so easy!
Borrowed Pride
The Best Kept Secret
The Bird and the Lady
Beyond Skies
Beyond Wisdom
breaking me
beyond indulgence
Blind Love
Belief  – inspired by a photo I took and an old saying
blurred expectations
The Breaking Point – Inspired by a beautiful Quote
bits and pieces
back to silence
A Break From Poetry – I was encouraged to write directly about myself in prose form
anthers of a flower – A weird nightmare
broken, slightly – Inspired by a ghazal plus my meditation
building a bridge
beyond the grave
Big Ideas, Little Country – Sharing a video clip which gave me hope
Broken Rhythm
Become You  – something I learnt from my Personal Development program
Between Two – I had a wonderful time coming up with these couplets
blurred heavens – Micropoem from an unintentional photo


Cold Stony Sand – Guest post
Convincing Dreams – When I can’t sleep I share this poem
A Child’s Prayer – Beautiful song and lyrics
the Creation
choiceless changes
completely yours
condensed heaven
close to heaven
chosen hopes
comfort zone
complete wholeness
chronic regrets
come walk with me  – join me in creating beauty
Concepts of Shiva – Random poetry with a common theme, music and a video
a convenient pretext
the compass of God  – Inspiration: a quote and a celebration
Celebrating Courage – Dedication to a dear friend
certitude, for sure
Circular Lives
Choosing to Live – Of the choices we have, or don’t have
Clouds, a Collision – My experience of Isha Foundation’s Inner Engineering program
confessed sins
A Conversation with a Poet – This is how I imagine poets would talk.


Diplomacy Today –  One of my earlier poems I wrote in response to a challenge. The reaction I received from it made me realise that poetry can be powerful
The Day Breaks – 2 of 3 poems that I wrote in one morning
Dreams of Her Nightmare
Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others … – A collection of micropoetry
Disequilibrium – A request, and it was very difficult to write.
Desire Unchained
Disequilibrium – The Price of Civilization
Dark Shades of Daylight  – Made me go hmmmm…
Death Wish – One of my favorite historic personalities
depth of the ocean
Dead Memories
desolate pyre
destiny leads you…
Dreams and Nightmares – Quote
dancing on a rainbow
dark forever
defy the wind
Doors – My photography
Die Each Day – An essay written for Living and Dying series
dark side of nothing
Defiant! – inspired by a historical photograph
damned – made me think
Do You Remember? – An assignment with a very interesting outcome