Index A – D


A little about me. . . and my favourite poem – Still stands as my favourite poem!
Another Lost Soul – A touch of humour :)
Another Man’s Grave
Alone, Alone I Will Go – Challenge: Until Our Last Breath. A very personal poem

ancient minds– what were they trying to say?
All Hell Broke Loose – The lighter side of Hell

always, anytime – the meaning of time
and one more request
against the moon  – of how we can all make a difference
An Ordinary Nothing – Observing human nature through Nature

all who wander
as clear as night

Ancient Connections – My experience with a musician, a teacher and as a volunteer


Beyond The Ballot Box 
– The initial draft of this poem was lukewarm and I was advised to think of people marching. Well, that wasn’t quite so easy!
Borrowed Pride
The Best Kept Secret
The Bird and the Lady – one of my earlier story poems
Beyond Skies
Beyond Wisdom
breaking me
beyond indulgence
Blind Love – a couplet with a powerful message
Belief  – inspired by a photo I took and an old saying
blurred expectations
The Breaking Point – Inspired by a beautiful Quote

bits and pieces
back to silence
A Break From Poetry – I was encouraged to write directly about myself in prose form

anthers of a flower – A weird nightmare
broken, slightly – Inspired by a ghazal plus my meditation

building a bridge
beyond the grave
Big Ideas, Little Country – Sharing a video clip which gave me hope

Broken Rhythm
Become You  – something I learnt from my Personal Development program
Between Two – I had a wonderful time coming up with these couplets
blurred heavens – Micropoem from an unintentional photo
the butterfly smiles – A dedication to a beautiful soul, my younger sister


Cold Stony Sand – Guest post

Convincing Dreams – When I can’t sleep I share this poem

A Child’s Prayer – Beautiful song and lyrics
the Creation
choiceless changes
completely yours
condensed heaven
close to heaven
chosen hopes
comfort zone
complete wholeness
chronic regrets
come walk with me  – join me in creating beauty
Concepts of Shiva – Random poetry with a common theme, music and a video

a convenient pretext
the compass of God  – Inspiration: a quote and a celebration
Celebrating Courage – Dedication to a dear friend

certitude, for sure
Circular Lives
Choosing to Live – Of the choices we have, or don’t have
Clouds, a Collision – My experience of Isha Foundation’s Inner Engineering program
confessed sins

A Conversation with a Poet – This is how I imagine poets would talk.


Diplomacy Today –  One of my earlier poems I wrote in response to a challenge. The reaction I received from it made me realise that poetry can be powerful

The Day Breaks – 2 of 3 poems that I wrote in one morning
Dreams of Her Nightmare
Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others … – A collection of micropoetry

Disequilibrium – A request, and it was very difficult to write.
Desire Unchained
Disequilibrium – The Price of Civilization
Dark Shades of Daylight  – Made me go hmmmm…

Death Wish – One of my favorite historic personalities
depth of the ocean
Dead Memories
desolate pyre
destiny leads you…
Dreams and Nightmares – Quote

dancing on a rainbow
dark forever
defy the wind
Doors – My photography

Die Each Day – An essay written for Living and Dying series
dark side of nothing
Defiant! – inspired by a historical photograph
damned – made me think
Do You Remember? – An assignment with a very interesting outcome