7 thoughts on “frozen tears

  1. The worst part of the injustices is that they keep putting a positive spin on their actions through their controlled media. Most disdainful… Feeling frustration, anger and helplessness… Please continue to speak up!


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you very much for this poem. I actually just responded to a post by Ranu. I was thinking of Gaza as I wrote that response.

    I like this poem, particularly how it ends, as it states, “humanity must evolve.” And that is exactly the case.

    All good wishes,



    1. Thanks Robert, yes indeed we need to evolve. Though it is heartening to see a lot of outrage over Gaza…still there needs to be more pressure. Every prayer I try to find words for the Gazans…it’s very difficult.

      Robert, you have supported and encouraged my writing immensely .. and your visit to my blog today is so timely…you have given me my 1000th “like” :-) Further, my stats for today after your visit are incredible…the number of visitors is 9 and number of views is 22…my birthday is 22nd September! Some things cannot be explained :-)

      Ever grateful..


      1. Dear Sonya,
        Some things are indeed unexplainable :-)
        You are very gifted with enabling potent song to come through you.
        All good wishes,


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