I Call Ali, I Seek Ali

A magical evening of Sufi devotional music

Rumours from Twilight

What secrets does the night hold? What is it that lies beyond light?

Legacy of a Gentle Man

a dedication to the silent power of a gentle man

savour each breath

the one about true wealth

see the light

Adiyogi-Sadhguru-Isha Foundation

can we see light?

Patterns of Nature

nature permitted us a visit to her forestnot neatly manicured as were the tea farmsbut a lively welcome, seemingly chaoticthough if you observed enough you wouldappreciate nature’s patterns, where a tree arcs into a rainbowoffering shade from the scorched skygently we tread over dried up leavesscrambling, sliding, scrabblingas though we never learnt to walkyet majestic … Continue reading Patterns of Nature

reflections within reflections

when we are still and face one anotherreflections within reflectionswe see the infinity in ourselves #Pawetry 😸

The Midst of Celebration

not incarnate

sparkle, not burn float, not fall liberate, not incarnate

alone, but…

I just noted that this is my 500th post! Thanks everyone for reading and encouraging me :)