how will you die?

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about dying, and living

inspired by life

life, a dance of the senses

Sequence – #16 Carefree Moments

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Carefree Moments

Carefree Moments

Sequence – #11 Acceptance

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Acceptance


Sequence – #7 Many Miracles

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Many Miracles

Many miracles

Sequence – #5 Direction

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Direction

Set direction

Legacy of a Gentle Man

a dedication to the silent power of a gentle man

gentle garlands

What purpose does time serve, but to remind us that we have lived

not incarnate

sparkle, not burn float, not fall liberate, not incarnate


time is nothing but rhythm gravity is nothing but irresistibility distance is nothing but illusion light is only fragments, look closer breath is nothing but life life is nothing but energy energy is matter energy is space space is but nothing nothing is darkness darkness is darkness was darkness shall remain *** this was written … Continue reading simplify