Legacy of a Gentle Man

a dedication to the silent power of a gentle man

gentle garlands

What purpose does time serve, but to remind us that we have lived

not incarnate

sparkle, not burn float, not fall liberate, not incarnate


time is nothing but rhythm gravity is nothing but irresistibility distance is nothing but illusion light is only fragments, look closer breath is nothing but life life is nothing but energy energy is matter energy is space space is but nothing nothing is darkness darkness is darkness was darkness shall remain *** this was written … Continue reading simplify

stop and stare

do i dare, stop and stare as life moves by, should i sigh should i dream that i am living or else do i live as though i am dreaming *** It has been long since I wrote a poem Thanks to From Whispers To Roars  for the inspiration


every breath we take quickens the way to our end damned if you do damned if you don’t

confessed sins

confessed sins travel from ear to lip from lip to ear until the confessor recognises her own sin in vain

Choosing to Live

All I seek is freedom from choosing To live with options is deceptive Are decisions really ours Or is it destiny in disguise *** Image: Pixabay

empty hands

i came here with empty hands take me away such that i return with a full heart

the next world

he said the world is round she said well, the next world will be flat after much contemplation they agreed to disagree