Haqq, Haqq

the voice of Sufis, the voice of Qalandariyah


Beauty of the full moon night

Sequence – #12 Life, your own Creation

poetry by sonya kassam life your own creation

Life, your own creation

the lost art

reviving the lost art of story telling

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

you may try to silence sound but you could never still vibration you may make us shed blood, tears but it will only flavour that essence how shall you mute us? how shall you abduct the rhythm in our anthem? each explosion only lends itself to the reverberation yes, grief is selective yes, mourning is … Continue reading Lal Shahbaz Qalandar

come walk with me

in between heaven and hell i am destined neither craving one nor fearing the other come walk my path of beauty free your heart to see unpray your prayers unforgive your sins discard these burdens idle weights on your soul come walk with me words without meaning predictable infatuations forever diffuses into nothing nothing remains forever … Continue reading come walk with me

Two Stories

every side has two stories every story has two endings every ending has two purposes every purpose will find two answers every answer has two questions every question leads to two conspiracies every conspiracy targets two victims every victim creates two oppressors every oppressor deserves to die twice every death is traveled on two paths … Continue reading Two Stories

glass hopes

glass hopes to be as strong as iron while iron pines to reflect one's inner beauty though it may one day crack

* untitled *

not every courtyard shows the night stars not every desert is destined to be barren not every wave has submitted to gravity not every river longs to meet the sea not every tear is shed in sorrow nor in joy... not every butterfly is aware of her beauty not every light has the ability to … Continue reading * untitled *

Seven Veils

it took seven veils of light chiffon to conceal her till only amber eyes remained, warm like a fragrance at night