Sequence – #12 Life, your own Creation

poetry by sonya kassam life your own creation

Life, your own creation

Sequence – #3 Beyond Perception

Poetry By Sonya Kassam Beyond Perception

Beyond Perception


light remains without weight and until light is defied its presence is unnoticed do you see light? no! you only see the effect of light on what obstructs light oh, how powerful is this light that has no significance on its own (like a religion without followers) but wait! light is fast, isn't it?... and with … Continue reading Unnoticed

Silent Symphony

observe their orbits of precision at a defectless distance what creation of ours could compare to the silent symphony in space?

the compass of God

the compass of God always points inwards unwavering like the north star an infinite intimate cosmos 13th Rajab ~ the birth date of Imam Ali

Concepts of Shiva

The word Shiva means that "which is not", nothing or darkness. Darkness is not related to a negative idea or even confined to the mere absence of light but it is in fact the very basis of existence. The only thing that always is, is darkness. It seems that over time I have managed to randomly write … Continue reading Concepts of Shiva

own gods

we create our own gods ...and no, that isn't thunder it is the sound of laughter

a mound of earth

i am simply a speck of dust but observe for a minute i am made with patterns symmetry of body regularity of breath a doodled mind a distinct design in the architecture of creation evolving with erratic errors through which i drift towards the peaks of my patterns vales turn into victories a composition of creation i am … Continue reading a mound of earth


i may be a microcosm, and i may exist in infinity, but what can i claim for myself? a lot of what happens to me is being done to me if only i could be receptive if only i could leave behind the tiniest footprint of appreciation

just one request

not an ardent advocate of prayer for the purpose of asking, as i bear flimsy conviction in discerning my best interests, except that one consistent request for a long time now, seems  like all i ever wanted was that one request i explained so very gently to ensure He comprehends at times i demanded like it was … Continue reading just one request