A Conversation with a Poet

I had shared my poem Unnoticed on Twitter. Only a poet could respond with such precise but eloquent thoughts that left me wordless. Here is a conversation between  and 

light is light
as always bright
darkness she eludes
illusion she deludes
passion she lures
higher she soars
envy she abhors
love she adores

light is feeble, temporary
it can be obstructed
and eventually dies
curiously, enlightenment
leads you to darkness
a place of nothing

without light
there’s no darkness
without sun
there’s no moon
consort of none
she consoles all
she hides
never dies
at tunnel’s end
she’s there

I do not dare respond
Multiple meanings
Between the space
Of each couplet
Leave me dizzied
Poet, I salute you

disciple daren’t thank
master of high rank
at her feet he kneels
in hope he chills
paths may cross
here hereafter
matters it not

undeserving I am
yet undoubtedly grateful
for your compelling words

Many thanks to Professor Shivji for allowing me to share this conversation on my blog.

The Worth of a Conversation

A fascinating conversation on Twitter between myself and @coldtusker (CT). Such interactions enhance the meaning and perspective of my words, so thanks for your questions CT!

Let us then face each other
You enhance me
For what is the worth of a star
Without her planets and moons?

Plenty, no?

what is the worth of a hero without his admirers
and a god without his worshippers?

Intrinsic worth?

Mostly yes. But the inner state will certainly be reflected off the surface.
(My 2 cents)

Isn’t a reflection generated by the light of others? One can radiate their inner being but reflects others light/radiance.

Yes! Which is why a star needs the planets and moons. You may have just answered your own question 😉

Why aren’t all these little snippets on your blog?

I was just about to ask for your permission to include our conversation… Please 🙏
BTW the original tweet was from my poem North of your Soul

Yes, you may. Should I have any hopes of receiving a chq for royalties?

One should never live without hope 😃


So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our conversation. Perhaps one day CT shall receive his royalties :)

tomorrow may never come

tomorrow may never come
because this night seems not to end

subh hoti hai, raat khatm nahin hoti 
The morning arrives but the night continues

the night did end
but another night began
tomorrow was not to be found
neither was forever
nor, you

Tum aaye ho na shab e intezar guzri hai
talaash mein hai sehr baar baar guzri hai
Neither have you come nor has this night of waiting come to an end
in your search, the dawn has passed by again and again

This interaction was partly in Urdu, a deeply romantic language, for which I needed some help with translation. Thanks to Shakil Akhtar for your beautiful couplet and to Mehshar for contributing Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poignant couplet. Please also check out their blogs, very interesting!




of knowns and unknowns

Many of my poems have been created on or inspired by Twitter. Sometimes I receive brilliant replies or questions, and here is one such interaction between @mzungundege and myself. Very thought-provoking, don’t you think?

Evidence of the unknown
Is greater than that of the known
If only you would stop your search
In the temple mosque or church

Our known known is we have no evidence
To prove our religions’ dogmas
Our known unknown is the future of our universe
Our unknown unknown?

Our unknown unknown lies within us…

Now there is something to believe in


Thanks for the inspiration @mzungundege

Here I Am

Where Are You?

Night after night

I watch the moon set

Stars going to rest

My eyes are burning

My ears are yearning

To hear your footsteps

Trying to locate them

In the heartbeats within

Where are you?


Here I Am

I am the moon that you wistfully watch

I am the stars that you gaze at, in melancholy

I am the apple of your eye

I am within your soundless breath

I am the footprint of your steps

It is only in your longing that I exist

Let your heart beat only for me


This is a poetic interaction between Yagneshji and myself.

I read his post Where Are You and spontaneously my response flowed. He writes poetry so beautifully and I assure you he is a natural born story teller. Check out his blog and you will not be disappointed.

An Effortless Poem

aren’t we all simply~
sleeping for dreaming~
for waking for living~
for moment for lifetimes~
forever dying?

We all certainly are forever dying
Many die well before death
Few do not die even in death

We don’t always dream when we are sleeping
Just as we do not always live when we are awake….

“A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

“And one day when life has passed us by
Will we then have time to ask why?”

Hopefully not all of us are in that mold
Awareness is all that is needed to stop the rot

Well, isn’t that a lovely poem? And guess what, it was completely effortless. I just happened to read one of my old posts and going through the comments and replies, I saw such a beautiful flow. And all I did was transfer it all here. Check out the original post Forever Dying

Lots of love and thanks to everyone of you who left such precious comments and helped compose An Effortless Poem :)


years of tears
moments of resentment
cannot invade a space
long disregarded by time…
not when you have moved on

years of fear
moments of despair
space within
breaks the rhythm 
but the time flows

and it flows to another victim
who is ignorant of time’s laws
precise though subtle
conqueress of memories
womb of hope


This post is the result of a fine interaction on Twitter between myself and Ahmad Javed.

I thank him for this wonderful inspiration

an interaction about expectations and existence

This is another interaction on I had on Twitter with NatureSpeak Photos and he has kindly given me permission to make a post of it. I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share it here. Hope you enjoy, it starts off with my short poem Fragile Expectations:

though they may be fragile
expectations undeniably
strengthen faith
if you do not believe me…
just observe a child

… And yet expectations in adults hint at arrogance
while in babies speak of innocence

and yet what a bland existence
without any expectations

… it could also be considered free, detached and liberated…

true but then…..
where would the poetry come from?

… isn’t free, detached and liberated itself poetry?
As you have so beautifully shown yourself

whatever you may perceive the poetry to be,
its source is always turbulent.

You are right.
I sense a whole gamut of emotions…
pain, indignation, sadness, the need for acknowledgment…

I have found this is a wonderful way to have a conversation, making each other think. What do you feel?

Please do check out NatureSpeak Photos, it is a wonderful photography blog with plenty of wisdom.

An interaction about thoughts and lies

The other evening, I had a lovely poetic interaction on Twitter with Vlad. It was worth saving so here goes, beginning with my poem Seeds of Wisdom.

seeds of wisdom
were planted by elders
but we divided the land
each clan neglected
to water the seeds
now we mourn
weeds of disunity

Your mind is a garden
Your thoughts are the seeds
You can grow flowers
Or You can grow weeds

though, if weeds did not exist
the gardener would be idle
and the beauty of flowers
would not be so prominent

Happiness in not just you
It’s also your thought
It exists in seeking
As well as in who is sought
Happiness is water ripple
Tickled by breeze

exhilaration is when the wave rises to touch the moon
when clouds are thunderstruck and light up the sky

Pity on this place
Where bricks keep falling on bricks
Where lies breed reality
And truth hides behind tricks

and all the world lies
from preachers
to teachers
but only the poet
tells lies honestly

Thank you Vlad for lending me your superb words and more so for this wonderful poetic interaction.

so little, so many

The other night, I wasn’t in the mood to tackle a Twitter poetry prompt but still wanted to write…maybe to provide my own inspiration. So using my twitter handle @sonyakassam, I threw around a couple of tweets thinking they may eventually give me an idea for a poem, basically I was talking to myself. To my surprise and delight @aleyakassam replied prompting me to keep tweeting. And to our further delight, we were soon joined by @just_sham_it and the 3 of us kept tweeting in turns at such a fast pace. The spontaneity of it all was the best part, and magically it has formed into a unique form of poetry that I am proud to post here. We enjoyed speaking our minds, insinuating through this creative interaction and hope you have as much fun reading it.

Colors are not (only) to brighten up the poem, they refer to the person who tweeted the couplet, I’m sure you would have figured that out ;-)

so little to say
so many ways to say it

so little to say
so many people saying it

so much to say
so few people saying it

so little to hide
so many stealing it

so much to protect
so few up to it

so much freedom
so few liberated

so many lines
so few colouring

so much pain
so few praying

so much pain
so many just praying

so many minds
such few thoughts

so much insanity
so little humanity

so many deaths
so few mourning

so many alive 
so few living

so many tweets
such little wit

so much to have
such little it means

so many heavens
just one earth

so many chicken wings
so few burgers

so many cooks
such little broth

so much music
so few dancing

so many destinations
such few walking

so many laughs
such little joy

so many mothers
such few fathers

so much civilization
so few civil

so many talking
such few being

so many answers
such few questions

so many magazines
such few trees

so much history
such few memories

so many borders
such little land

so many gods
such few blessings

so many houris
for just one jihadi

so many nights
such little sleep

so many dreams
just one night

so many candles
such few moths

so much light
such little illumination

so many mice
too little cheese
unless we bring down the moon
with the weight of our dreams!

 May your dreams tonight
be but a shadow
of what your hopes are
for tomorrow

Aleya and Shamit are brilliant and passionate writers, have a look at their blogs and you’ll know what I mean

What else is there left to say except that it takes …

… so little time to leave
so many comments

Do let us have your thoughts about the verses, and feel free to add some of your own. 

P.S. this post inspired my poem many borders