a wordless world

in a wordless world
a poet is prince
just as the painter
rules over a drab domain
or an empathetic soul
in the cruel cosmos

but imagine for a moment
if this world had no words
none to describe the beauty
nor to poison our minds

if prayers were through deeds
if leaders governed with action
if teachers taught from nature
if parents raised by instinct

and if animals had our words
what would they say?
would they discriminate and hate
or perhaps be higher evolved
in love and compassion

and like your dream
that you struggle to remember
and feel but could never describe
think about a wordless world
and  just…

10 thoughts on “a wordless world

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this poem which brings up important reflections on consciousness, words, and Word,

    Words can be windows or walls. Your poems certainly are windows, opening up to greater and greater expanses.

    All good wishes,



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