ConSequence – #21 Outro

Power to Create

Sequence – #14 Your Own Rhythm

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Your own rhythm

Your own rhythm


Unwind with a performance of elegance

A Year Passes …

dealing with grief, a year on

I Call Ali, I Seek Ali

A magical evening of Sufi devotional music

Legacy of a Gentle Man

a dedication to the silent power of a gentle man

Ancient Connections

(for the teachers who found me some came, taught, left others still grace my life) ~Ancient Connections~ with a voice that melts lyrics like warm honey reminds of the gentle fragrance of incense what higher form of devotion than the offering of eternal music that echoes in every heart unseen are ancient connections unbroken though … Continue reading Ancient Connections

The Mystic of Mackinnon Road

Poetry about a mythical figure in Kenya

Do You Remember?

This post is about the poetry group I have recently joined. We are experimenting with different ways of creating poetry, in particular local content. This week's assignment was a Documentary Poem where we have to use other people's words and create our own poem. Find 2 sources and take 8-10 words/phrases/sentences from both and create … Continue reading Do You Remember?

Silent Symphony

observe their orbits of precision at a defectless distance what creation of ours could compare to the silent symphony in space?