The Undisputed Queen

The full moon earlier this month was just amazing. At my meditation time, it was positioned in the small space between our two perfect! Here are my thoughts and some photos of that beautiful night. Such a gorgeous Full Moon tonight Although I see the clouds have stolen her thunder Hmmm... The clouds have … Continue reading The Undisputed Queen

The Lady Of Light

Though we identify light as revealing The Divine's noor* acts as a veil, to protect her Adorned by surahs**, expressions of the revelation Only she could counter humiliation with even more dignity The confluence for defined and unperceived truths Her presence was a mere tip of a mystical iceberg A mother, an exceptional lineage Would I be … Continue reading The Lady Of Light

remnants of identity

trapped within a name remnants of identity like a veil, torn but precariously screening me like the partition between two lands like two eyes that synchronize but can never meet past the delicate bridge of the nose a delicious longing a secret passage.. the third eye *** from where this poem started off to where … Continue reading remnants of identity

destiny leads you…

covering yourself to appear unseen, but when the stars reflect off the blackness of your veil how can he resist perceiving you? softest of whispers may be unheard, though echoes chime through separations for how long will your thoughts remain suppressed, when two can share one dream? the same dream... run if you like, but how … Continue reading destiny leads you…

her veil

she asks for her veil if only to mourn freely if only to hide tears if only to display courage if only to bury her sorrow she asks for her veil if only as a shroud... The Battle of Karbala was waged against Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammed, by the despotic ruler and tyrant Yazeed. Hussain and … Continue reading her veil

Seven Veils

it took seven veils of light chiffon to conceal her till only amber eyes remained, warm like a fragrance at night

the knower of secrets

and the veil fiercely guards secrets refusing even the light to reveal unless it recognises the name of her master ~ Ali, the knower of secrets ~ * related posts the helper & the foremost

when heaven sanctions…

veiled by light's rays a weave of selected surahs* protecting her henna meticulously applied by houris overcome by modesty bridal verses recited as the groom awaits his heavenly match a marriage so unique ~ we identify light as revealing, but in this rare bond God's noor (light) acts as a veil *surah - a chapter … Continue reading when heaven sanctions…

If I Die

I started writing micropoetry thanks to the #orjay challenge on Twitter. Every couple of days, we are given a new phrase to come up with a poem. This is what I did with the phrase "If I die" if i die still dressed in my bridal veil red with gold do not replace it with a … Continue reading If I Die

Perfect Partners

In crime he was my partner Of desire for luxuries We traveled far and near Scamming the unsuspecting Till I got caught ........ Betrayal! Four years later Credit to good behavior I searched for those Who owed me one Predictably they obliged Indiscreet he had been Leaving trails to be seen At a distance, there … Continue reading Perfect Partners