not incarnate

sparkle, not burn float, not fall liberate, not incarnate

my breath and i

to be in that space long disregarded by time untouched by memory spiralling in unimagination even god should not dare my breath and i or even not i *** I have completed over a year of my daily breathing/meditation practise. It has surprised me...pleasantly :) never imagined I could be disciplined enough. I gifted my … Continue reading my breath and i


Our poetry group assignment was to create two poems with instructions, one on How to and the other one should be the reverse How Not To... Here, I am sharing my instructions How Not to Meditate UnMeditate   open eyes, turn your head side to side blink! bewildered by fuzzy logic slouch, NTV, KTN, KBC … Continue reading UnMeditate

a history, erased

This poem is a gathering of my thoughts following the recent Kenyan elections. Fear, frustration, division, celebrations, calls for peace so that we can "move on", move on to what? It is not about the elections, this is an inevitable expression of what we have ignored or suppressed over a long period of time. *** … Continue reading a history, erased

Rest in Music

Today is our music teacher's birthday He is celebrating with the Ultimate Musician We had much to do together He is deeply missed May he rest in music

Ultimate Desire

I hate being asked What I would wish for So confusing, desires aplenty How to prioritise them? But certainly there's this one thing I must aim to have the most Let me sift through and attempt To identify my ultimate desire Happiness comes to mind But then joy is too dependent And once you get … Continue reading Ultimate Desire


the heart is the pulse of the body the drum is the pulse of the soul In yesterday's harmonium lesson, our teacher brought along his tabla as an accompaniment. They really enhanced the lesson and we had so much fun! I came across these videos which really bring out how potent the drumbeat can be: … Continue reading Pulse

Fade to White

she followed a trail of white rose petals jasmine scented white candles white truffles lay on white pillow cases ... fade to white *** in this year and beyond, may we seek refuge in the strength of white ~ peace

Raag Ashaqi

I have been sitting in at my daughter's harmonium lessons, and though the teacher encouraged me to learn, I found it all too complicated. I have never played a musical instrument. But a few weeks ago, after a deep breathing and meditation session, just suddenly I was determined to give it a go. And I … Continue reading Raag Ashaqi

Reawakening the Lost Humanity

This is a post about humanity. I know with the state of our world today, perhaps you like me are losing hope in us humans. What have we become? Self-centred, beyond reason, greedy and as for empathy....does that mean anything to anyone anymore? Let me take you on a journey to paradise, don't worry you … Continue reading Reawakening the Lost Humanity