Ultimate Desire

I hate being asked
What I would wish for
So confusing, desires aplenty
How to prioritise them?
But certainly there’s this one thing
I must aim to have the most
Let me sift through and attempt
To identify my ultimate desire

Happiness comes to mind
But then joy is too dependent
And once you get used to it
It’s never quite enough, is it?

Can’t be love, can it?
Sigh, far too often 
If you can express love
You are also capable of hate
Anger, jealousy…
Get my drift?

Peace,  perhaps? Surely, though
It should not be the endmost aspiration
When peace is a fundamental need
What can you hope to achieve
If your mind is constantly troubled?

Moving on to yes, paradise
Rivers of milk and honey, that one
Heaven, a place for those who do good
Hell will be filled with sinners
So then isn’t this simply a path
Paved with self-righteousness?

Something more spiritual maybe?
Oh yeah of course, how could I forget
God! That must be it
Is God maybe
Leading me somewhere

And I do not see
Because I focus on the way
As my destination?

Happiness has strings attached
Love is duplicitous
Peace has to accompany me at the outset

Heaven lies on a moral high ground
If I take God as my purpose
I will be bound for eternity
If I look beyond
He is only pointing me


Freedom, liberation
If I am liberated
I wonder what more
I could possibly desire


My response to Dungeon Prompts: Desire

Inspiration: Sadhguru

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Desire

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this poem with us. It leads us to ask a useful question. We like a lot the last two lines:

    I wonder what more
    I could possibly desire

    All good wishes,



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