Index E – I


Endangered Species
 – A challenge

Even the White Fades Away and Others…
Evidence of the Unknown and Others … – Collection of micropoetry

Empty Words
ever after
endless lights – Inspiration: Photo taken by my daughter Samia

every flap of the wing – Amazing stories of my encounters with birds
An Empty Thought
ever met you
echoes and reflections
exit wound
An Effortless Poem – I put in no effort to write this poem

an eternal cycle – Respecting nature

Eid Mubarak – of the crescent and henna
end of forever
Edge of Nothing – Inspiration: An extraordinary sunrise

empty hands
every lifetime preserved
embedded in heart 


Forever Friend – One of my earlier poems, always warms my heart

Forgetting God – A challenge
A falcon’s flight – This came to me during meditation
Fear not, my child – A challenge
Fire and Ice – I like how this came out
Forever Ends
Fate’s Favor
Fond Memories – Some advice

frozen tears – Gaza
the foremost
Farewell Ramadhan …
first call
fragile expectations
forever dying
Fade to White
follow me – Pleased with how this came out

fingerprints of my words – A little bit about my writing
frozen faiths
footmarks over time – A subject close to my heart

feel the earth
the finishing line
Freedom Means… – Inspiration: A question I was asked

forever’s hope
a future left behind
Finite, a Circle – Inspiration: Sufism

from energy to eternity – Inspiration: Meditation
falling – Makes me smile
found – just a couple of short lines, see how much they mean
Father Nature – a dedication to my parents


The God Particle – I am proud of how I could express this poem
gentle lies
golden leaves – Makes me feel good

guilty footprints
glass hopes
Gone with the Wind – A twist

going off on a tangent – Of Mathematics and a Muse!
goodbye after goodbye
goodbye – some relationships must end


The Humble Beads
The Happy Laughter of Children – A happy challenge

Heaven’s Chains – Writing this poem was a wonderful experience. The first micropoem that I ever extended into a full poem
Heaven’s Chains
the house of god
the helper
hues of red
her veil
He is not One – Thought provoking possibility

hate never helps
HeartBreak – Part of it was written earler and I completed the poem when I found it
Here and There – Motivational
heal broken hearts
hide and seek – One of my favorite subjects

half way
hard to hear – Some advice

hidden dreams
high noon
His Final Lesson – Dedicated to our beloved music teacher

Holy Gift
Here I Am – Such a beautiful interaction


Inkdrops From Her Eyes
I Wait… – I wrote this much earlier and was slightly nervous to publish it

In Need Of An Angel – A challenge
I Am Me – 1 of 3 poems that I wrote in one morning
If you write it – Best advice I received
I found it not in the east … – I was unsure if I should publish this poem
If I Die and Others … – Collection of micropoetry
Intricacies of Henna – Inspiration: A photo by my daughter Alya
If I Submit and Others … – Collection of micropoetry
If you love somebody… – Makes me smile each time :)
I am entitled to…  – A feeling of helplessness and anger
It only takes one man -And it takes only one woman

If Prayers Were Enough… – And I smile
In the line of fire – Sardonic humour
An Innocent Monster – In defense of a “monster”
An interaction about thoughts and lies – An interesting incineration
If I Die
an imperfect god – Was unsure, but I am happy with the way this was received

I wonder – Written on a day of wondering
if only… – Hmmm…
an interaction about expectations and existence – I love these interactions
inverse realities – This was so popular that it was even plagiarized!
InshaAllah – Was thinking about the weight of this word
I set out to change the world – I enjoyed writing this
i thought i knew you – Conveys enormous feelings in very few words
insecure leaders
innocent eyes
ignored voices
in the dead of night
Impressions of God – Sharing some memories

The Importance of Being Nothing – With a twist!
The Importance of Being an Object – Poetry workshop assignment. What a lot of fun!
imagine god – A question to ponder over
if, silence – Inspiration: One of my favorite songs
ink painting – I am so pleased with how this formed
Intezaar – The Wait – A luscious image, plus a few lines
i do not write – Sometimes I wonder if I am a writer
i need to write – find out why…
illicit poems – Barbed Wires, Walls, Flags and…you guessed it Borders!