once upon a time

she woke to the scent of unscraped henna infused with eucalyptus oil hint of auburn, a tinge of pride, a bride expectant, once upon a time


light remains without weight and until light is defied its presence is unnoticed do you see light? no! you only see the effect of light on what obstructs light oh, how powerful is this light that has no significance on its own (like a religion without followers) but wait! light is fast, isn't it?... and with … Continue reading Unnoticed

Second Glance

i would have never given him a second glance except that his words, his words chipped at my icy silence thawed my arrogance i would have never given him a second glance except that his words, his words laden with praise urged me to give another chance i would have never given him a second … Continue reading Second Glance

The Importance of Being Nothing

I need you, but only So you can break me, tenderly Into tiny particles, crush Me into the finest powder, whiffed Away by your precious breath, such That eventually, in an instant I become nothing, because Nothing, Nothing is of more importance than you

trace of humanity

enter heaven, if you must but forsake even a trace of humanity no place for the ego lose your self, then enter heaven... if you must

Seeds of Revolution

Head held high an illustrious goodbye noose tightens he smiles knowing he sowed the seeds of revolution Will you water them?

The Poetry of Laughter

Whatever you are doing...STOP! Right now! Take a 10 minute break and watch this video to the end. Why? you ask. Because you need to, I say :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whAFLhSWdsA does laughter require a language and would a smile need subtitles? uncomplicate your understanding with prideless power spread the contagious clarity yes... it is that easy … Continue reading The Poetry of Laughter


Shades never seen the light above them Shades never believe the light even exists


For about 3 or 4 days, I kept remembering a song vaguely. I had forgotten its name, in addition I couldn't recollect the band. All I remembered was it was definitely a 70's band and either the band or the song itself started with the letter "S". I tried not to think about it, but … Continue reading Unlearning

hues of red

hues of red in a common thread vermillion through blood to rose petals scattered over the white shroud but she stands proud a sacrifice so bold she would repeat double-fold ~ may the offerings of the oppressed be accepted ~