agree to disagree, and more

[a collection of micropoetry]

only meaning

and those who wrote verse were thought to be insane by those who seek only meaning from words  

Stories To Tell

If only they could speak The stories they would tell... The tree and the old building are not too far apart But they seem to stand in different worlds Could I have been there And you here? Are our gods separate Or is this a quirk of fate? *** I had an interesting day and … Continue reading Stories To Tell

what I am not

Rather than trying to find out who I am I must try to decipher what I am not What will be left That I am

bits and pieces

it's the bits and pieces that make us whole moments make an eternity breath by breath we live a lifetime lie after lie we start believing nothing is ever inconsequential so watch your thoughts

complete wholeness

the complete wholeness of a circle is seen when you are unable to distinguish the beginning from the end... you do not die in death

Yet Another Secret

I wrote about The Best Kept Secret before, but here is another secret... Shhh! Don't tell anyone about it... the best kept secret lies on the tip of your tongue for if it slips out distorted it will return will you recognise your own words?

Once Upon a Time

Bound by blood Detached by doctrine Once upon a time There used to be one god

one wave

one wave defied the rise and fall of tide in the seabed created a storm where light, sound were unknown ~bE diFfeRenT~

always, anytime

just so you know eternity cannot be always anytime becomes now then, nothing is forever and forever means nothing