the finishing line

finally i near the finishing line but.. it moves further and further i keep following till i reach a familiar point ...the beginning

seek to hide

Staring back at me Was a vivid reflection Of what I seek to hide I should have never tried Ever to read your mind

close to heaven

when i got close to heaven it appeared unfamiliar what is this place where i know no one and no one knows me for eternity

questionless answers

if you receive questionless answers perhaps a prayer is fulfilled He gives you what you need and not what you ask for

Silenced Justice

while justice remains silenced hypocrisy acts as the instrument that deludes the ignorant and subdues those exploited

Mellifluous Moments

I was recently introduced to the word Mellifluous and was immediately attracted to it. All I could think of was the current raag I was practising. Shivaranjani means that which is pleasing to Shiva. This Raag gathers strength from sadness. It has a beautiful healing property through sadness, the release of tears and suppressed emotions. Playing … Continue reading Mellifluous Moments


Now I lay me down to sleep Im praying for wisdom To know that All I know Is that I know nothing Only then I will truly be awake

fragile expectations

though they may be fragile expectations undeniably strengthen faith if you do not believe me... just observe a child

Seven Veils

it took seven veils of light chiffon to conceal her till only amber eyes remained, warm like a fragrance at night

True Strength

the cunning prey feigned submission as predator eased its guard their roles reversed true strength surely lies in one's mind (somehow I connect this with many relationships)