finding forever

just because you couldn’t hear me
didn’t mean I was silent

hear my silence

(if I searched forever,
I couldn’t have found a better image)


and that would have been it until @coldtusker (CT) asked me
“Did you search?”
instantaneously the answer came to me
“I found my forever”

Which got me thinking that forever is not of time nor of a place, it is more like something we become. The more subtle we are, the closer to becoming forever.

I believe that double the respect should go to the questioner than to the one who provides the answers.

May we all find our forevers in the coming year!


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Father Nature

Earlier this year my younger sister suggested that I write a poem for our father’s 80th birthday. It got me thinking about how his personal values, principles and teachings are so much in synch with nature.

So, here is Father Nature

humility of grass
overlooked and overtrodden
yet springs back each time, unharmed

shade of trees
bearing the brunt of sunrays
selflessly cooling all that within reach

patience of a gardener
only tending to the purpose
flowers flourish with divine timing

simplicity of the sky
appearing as just a cover for earth
yet vast beyond imagination, eternal

like the first flight of a bird
wings though separate, working as one
conquering fear with unwavering faith

as a mountain stands strong, silent
its presence felt over distances
an unimaginable strength lies in its unseen roots


the 5th stanza
like the first flight of a bird
wings though separate, working as one
conquering fear with unwavering faith
also refers to our mother. I see them as wings on one bird.

Couple of weeks ago our parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary :)

Lots of love and gratitude from all of us xx



where are you?

if i was born at a different time
lived in a different place
if i could experience a different dimension
found at the edge of space…
would i fall over?
or would i find myself back to here

and would now hold any meaning
if tomorrow was irrelevant
if yesterday never remained

i still wished i existed then
but i am here now
… where are you?


“There is no past or future
But only the present
Or not even that
Because without the past and future
It is meaningless to call it the present”
~ Osho

The Undisputed Queen

The full moon earlier this month was just amazing. At my meditation time, it was positioned in the small space between our two rooftops…so perfect! Here are my thoughts and some photos of that beautiful night.

full moon 2

Such a gorgeous Full Moon tonight

full moon1

Although I see the clouds have stolen her thunder

full moon 3

Hmmm… The clouds have been dismissed!
The moon’s envy knows no bounds

full moon 4

Curtains are rapidly drawn
Like veils over alluring houris
Even the stars did not dare
Now the undisputed queen of night sky
Completely alone
Alone….but complete


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Of Attachment and Detachment


Attachment may happen in the blink of an eye
Detachment may take a lifetime, or several

Aren’t they exact opposites?
Why then is the effort not the same?

I don’t have a forever to my name
Alone I arrived, alone allow me to depart

I protest against the burden of you
And if need be, I shall sacrifice all my words
As compensation for my freedom

And you shall bear the title of
The One who Silenced the Poet

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the butterfly smiles

This poem is dedicated to my younger sister Citele. The world has lost a warm, loving soul who was still full of life. May she rest in ease and we shall always look out for her smile.

Citele Poem

you do not die in death

These balloons were released for Citele, RIP dear angel xx

She loved pink and yellow, thus the balloons and the reference to these colours in my poem.

A Conversation with a Poet

I had shared my poem Unnoticed on Twitter. Only a poet could respond with such precise but eloquent thoughts that left me wordless. Here is a conversation between  and 

light is light
as always bright
darkness she eludes
illusion she deludes
passion she lures
higher she soars
envy she abhors
love she adores

light is feeble, temporary
it can be obstructed
and eventually dies
curiously, enlightenment
leads you to darkness
a place of nothing

without light
there’s no darkness
without sun
there’s no moon
consort of none
she consoles all
she hides
never dies
at tunnel’s end
she’s there

I do not dare respond
Multiple meanings
Between the space
Of each couplet
Leave me dizzied
Poet, I salute you

disciple daren’t thank
master of high rank
at her feet he kneels
in hope he chills
paths may cross
here hereafter
matters it not

undeserving I am
yet undoubtedly grateful
for your compelling words

Many thanks to Professor Shivji for allowing me to share this conversation on my blog.