agree to disagree, and more

he said the world is round
she said well, the next world will be flat
after much contemplation
they agreed to disagree


the nothing that is in the span between sound and silence
that which is in the pause between the answer and another question


If I return to yesterday
Will I still find you there?


the milk curdled with envy
at the moon’s creamy reflection
on the silent midnight ocean


Your inhibitions are in vain
No one to mock you, nor any to inspire
Except yourself…


all wounded hearts agree
that heartbreak is the only sin
that justifies the existence of a hell


and when you go into prostration
it is not to elevate your god
[does he need your help?]
but to lay your burden of ego to rest
[pity you return it soon as you rise]


I was not expecting anything
But I received more…
…I received nothing


accusations, counter-accusations
we hear only what we want to hear, while
the pendant of life
hangs on a thread


When fire touched ice
And she remained unscathed


waves roar and crash
though they accept
sovereignty of the moon
detached, a vision of ease


You are looking for God?
Perhaps God is also looking for you…


[ A collection of micropoetry ]

Image Credit: Colors

9 thoughts on “agree to disagree, and more

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for creating and sharing this collection of micropoetry. So many gems of wisdom here, somewhat buried, somewhat exposed. Beautiful.

    All good wishes,



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