The Sun Shifts

the sun shifts, ever so subtle only a shadow shall recognise .... and destiny and destiny is mischievous embrace the change befriend your destiny ***   The sun has entered a new phase, the arrival of spring, abundance of harvest, new beginnings. May your ego be as insignificant as a tiny sesame seed and may … Continue reading The Sun Shifts

an eternal cycle

a river meanders in search of her ocean flowing gathering flowering eroding gravitating towards its yet unknown end where sweetness is sacrificed for the saline yet the water remains water hoping for its reincarnation a meeting in between clouds awaiting separate fates in their separate states the water still remains water perhaps beckoned by mountains or … Continue reading an eternal cycle

written in the stars

what was once written in the stars was re-written down on earth by determination free will and a tinge of luck

Unknown Destiny

If only I had known Destiny was watching me Following my every move Lingering stealthily to Claim me as her reward *** Gratefully yours For reading my words...

nothing much

nothing quite as certain as the death of a star nothing as inevitable as a shift in destiny nothing stays the same, though nothing ever changes

Stories To Tell

If only they could speak The stories they would tell... The tree and the old building are not too far apart But they seem to stand in different worlds Could I have been there And you here? Are our gods separate Or is this a quirk of fate? *** I had an interesting day and … Continue reading Stories To Tell

What never was, Never will be

Recognise the futility of your search What never was Never will be missed Ignorance is the sweetest bliss Whatever will be Will be...

RIP Garissa University College Students

How do I go back to normality? What is normal, even? Is God ashamed of us? I certainly hope so I hope destiny hadn't planned these events I hope our fate hasn't already been written Into the history books of the future I only hope humans have deviated from the course of humanity Because only … Continue reading RIP Garissa University College Students

stairway to heaven

the walking dead found their way the stairway to heaven testimony that even in death you are in control of your destiny (you do not die in death)

only in stories

so what if it happens only in stories isn't your life one big story? plenty of blank pages sure but aren't you also holding the pen?