light remains without weight
and until light is defied
its presence is unnoticed

do you see light?
no! you only see
the effect of light
on what obstructs light

oh, how powerful is this light
that has no significance on its own
(like a religion without followers)

but wait! light is fast, isn’t it?…

and with a smirk of pride
light raced against all creation
but upon reaching
burned with envy, as
darkness was already there
waiting for her

I was reading two different answers about seeing light
Light is the only thing we can see
We inherently cannot see light.
What we see is actually the object on which the light falls.
I chose to write about the latter.
What are your thoughts?
Oh, and I could not resist being a little cheeky about the speed of light :)
These are in fact two poems combined


Inspiration: Sadhguru

anthers of a flower

a forgotten acquaintance offers flowers
to eat, their anthers specifically which
i must say were nectary, sitting
in a red double-decker bus until
other passengers boarded
i then drove my car into
a dark so dense, so deep even
darkness was not visible
hesitantly moving on
bewildered, bewildered, bewildered!

i was guided to a bluish dawn perhaps
not ready for endarkenment…yet
driving down a spiral staircase
residents staring out in horror
devastation of my beloved city
sacred places i frequent, obliterated
infidel, infidel, infidel!
…i woke


none, not one of the 6, yes SIX alarms could rouse me from my early morning nightmare today

if, silence

if silence had a face
would you recognise her?

if silence had a scent 
how would you describe it?

if silence could hear
what secrets would you speak?

if silence had words
if silence had a tone
if silence could be unsilent
….for a while
i now know how it would sound

This poem was inspired by the above video. I just had a feeling that if silence had a sound, it would be like this beautiful song.


After I created A Land, Broken at my poetry workshop we had to rearrange the same poem from 2 quatrains to 4 couplets, without deleting or adding any words. 

when should we be unheard?
we, the interdependent and erect hearts

spoke in the master’s tongue
                                “forget our broken blood was borderless

                                what we reject is a line once written and sung
                                when a land by that one independent carved wall is

                                never in pain, the same seamless songs around her”

I guess since I had no intention behind the poem, its meaning is open to interpretation. Would love to know what you got from this rearranged poem. It wasn’t easy I must say! But it was something different and it was lots of fun.