light remains without weight
and until light is defied
its presence is unnoticed

do you see light?
no! you only see
the effect of light
on what obstructs light

oh, how powerful is this light
that has no significance on its own
(like a religion without followers)

but wait! light is fast, isn’t it?…

and with a smirk of pride
light raced against all creation
but upon reaching
burned with envy, as
darkness was already there
waiting for her

I was reading two different answers about seeing light
Light is the only thing we can see
We inherently cannot see light.
What we see is actually the object on which the light falls.
I chose to write about the latter.
What are your thoughts?
Oh, and I could not resist being a little cheeky about the speed of light :)
These are in fact two poems combined


Inspiration: Sadhguru

16 thoughts on “Unnoticed

  1. I loved the story, and flow. You seem to have a natural gift for story telling, and poetry.Very good poem, I really enjoyed it, keep up the good work.
    I would be grateful if you could check out some of my poems too :)


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for these very nice reflections which remind us that the moon has no light of its own.

    All good wishes,



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