your every choice

black coffee shadow

see how it all comes crumbling down

we shall emerge…

dove painting flower

when you are forced to pause and ponder


Beauty of the full moon night

Sequence – #1 Little Things

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Little Things

Little Things, the Significance

A River Calls

river cauvery calling Isha Foundation Sadhguru

Rivers and lakes are drying up. What can we do about this?

Rumours from Twilight

What secrets does the night hold? What is it that lies beyond light?

Legacy of a Gentle Man

a dedication to the silent power of a gentle man

almost forgotten

The first rain and a cat's longing

Pistachios of Persia

another one about the exotic pistachio

deceptive is the chill

Nairobi Rain

Memories of Nairobi Rain