Shaping the World

International Women's Day

The Sun Shifts

the sun shifts, ever so subtle only a shadow shall recognise .... and destiny and destiny is mischievous embrace the change befriend your destiny ***   The sun has entered a new phase, the arrival of spring, abundance of harvest, new beginnings. May your ego be as insignificant as a tiny sesame seed and may … Continue reading The Sun Shifts


You strive to get to the other side of doors But what if.... What if you are on the other side ? *** All these photos were taken! Due to the diversity, you may be thinking I collected them over a period of time. But no, I noticed all these doors in one place, took … Continue reading Doors

against the moon

as though the tide was against the moon's pull she stood her ground in defiance to those who said she never could even gravity bowed before her allowed her to fly, just a little and how, she wondered, when the moon has little of its own how can it exert such a force  that whole oceans succumb? ** … Continue reading against the moon

Rise in Revolution

I do not ask that you rise in revolution I only ask that you shed leathery skin Scaled to trap layers of numbness Snug, until temperatures rise I only ask that you incinerate blinkers Serving to suffocate your vision Though you move onward Awake but in a constant stupor When awareness strikes It may be just … Continue reading Rise in Revolution

defy the wind

defy the wind, and one day you will crack sway and bend, be true to your roots watch, time will be kind to you

written in the stars

what was once written in the stars was re-written down on earth by determination free will and a tinge of luck

of exceptions and consequences

every exception had a rule every consequence had an action and the consequence of the exception is the change that we experience ** be the exception be the change 

a touch of perspective

even when everything is fact a touch of perspective creates a revolution in the mind that is open and willing to shift

nothing much

nothing quite as certain as the death of a star nothing as inevitable as a shift in destiny nothing stays the same, though nothing ever changes