agree to disagree, and more

[a collection of micropoetry]

Sequence – #8 Unlayered

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Unlayered


Sequence – #7 Many Miracles

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Many Miracles

Many miracles

gentle garlands

What purpose does time serve, but to remind us that we have lived

The Midst of Celebration

not incarnate

sparkle, not burn float, not fall liberate, not incarnate


liMitations are mErely poTentials hiDing behind heSitations  

lies remain true

broken every promise only your lies remain true mirror's stained reflections dyed a crimson hue revenge bleeds slowly drip by drip.. ** I used to write a lot of micropoetry on Twitter for various prompts. Interesting to discover them after so long. I even forget what I was imagining when I wrote some of them.

stop and stare

do i dare, stop and stare as life moves by, should i sigh should i dream that i am living or else do i live as though i am dreaming *** It has been long since I wrote a poem Thanks to From Whispers To Roars  for the inspiration

nothing but everything

it is not nothing but everything that is empty while everything is momentary nothing is imperishable *** It has been too long since I updated my blog. As mentioned in my previous post The Sun Shifts, life took over me, but it is only momentary. I came across this poem I had written a year … Continue reading nothing but everything