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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I have created an index for all the posts in my blog. You might (re)discover something from the archives. Here is the page Index. Hope you enjoy going through the blog.

And a huge thank you for being part of and helping me create my magical journey.



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Second Glance

i would have never given him a second glance
except that his words,
his words chipped at my icy silence
thawed my arrogance

i would have never given him a second glance
except that his words,
his words laden with praise
urged me to give another chance

i would have never given him a second glance
except that now our words,
our words exchange like an unseen dance
deserving he is of my every glance



5 years ago I nervously shared my poetry and was encouraged to write regularly
My blog has nearly 450 posts now
Grateful for this incredible journey

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Silent Symphony

observe their orbits of precision
at a defectless distance
what creation of ours could compare
to the silent symphony in space?

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Sutter Mandi

Pre-partition structure Sutter Mandi – Lahore, Pakistan

Stood defiant in the face of history
Each brick cemented with a memory
Whispers once shared in one tongue
Which anthem shall now be sung?


Thanks to Liaqat Ali Vance for this photo and to @LahoreMore for sharing it on Twitter and providing inspiration for my poem.

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A World of Words

He created all from vibration
We turned it into a world of words
With plenty of sound
But disturbed impact
Confusion, noise
Fluctuation, restlessness
Wavering between directions
Purity of vibration, misplaced


Are you able to observe something/someone without lending your words or even thoughts, just experiencing it/them?

I believe if we all observed without the need to form opinions or judgements (both positive and negative), we could experience freedom, invoke a different intelligence.

Doesn’t sound quite so easy but I might start by observing just one thing today, simply to experience it.

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Choosing to Live

All I seek is freedom from choosing
To live with options is deceptive
Are decisions really ours
Or is it destiny in disguise

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Listen to me

I have a story to tell
Would you lend me your heart?

I have a poem to recite
Would you lend me your imagination?

I have a song to sing
Would you lend me the space slightly above your skin?

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Between Two

the distance
between two days

the hesitation
between two heartbeats

the silence
between two secrets

the hurt

between two hopes

the insanity
between two illusions

the certitude
between two surprises

the conspiracy
between two coincidences

the weight
between two waves

pay heed
to what lies in between

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Moon Light


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sweet tears

at the point where night bids farewell
she raises her head, crowned
by a pallu of sizzling red, gold
a slender mangalsutra enhances
her slightly inverted neck

the strongest of henna
the darkest of kohl
the boldest of kumkum
a piercing flame from the nath

as ittar fades into memories of
a thousand jasmine buds
crushed in vain

with the gentlest demeanor
she did but bide her time

sweet were her tears
what could she do?
he swindled even the salt from her life


pallu – the trailing end of a sari, red and gold are bridal colours

mangalsutra – auspicious necklace of black beads and gold worn by a Hindu woman after her wedding

kumkum – red/vermilion powder used for bindi on the forehead and/or applied in the parting of a married woman’s hair

nath – referring to the nose ring worn by a bride

ittar – perfume made from flower petals


It is International Women’s Day and this poem is a (spontaneous) dedication to all the women who understand the crushing of hopes, but never in vain.


This poem was inspired by @temporal3‘s prompt on Twitter provided by 
(Raised up by a Crane
Crown of the Crane
Craned her neck)

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