A Land, Broken

I am participating in a Poetry Workshop where we will develop a habit of writing poems. The task for this week was to write an 8-line poem that has 2 quatrains (4 lines each)
Being the 14th/15th August, I was inspired to write:

When a land is broken by her masters
And the pain we forget, celebrate
What was seamless, borderless
Should never be independent… Interdependent!

When a line is carved around our hearts
And the wall we erect, reject
That we spoke in one tongue, sung
Songs once written in the same blood….Unheard!


P.S This poem is posted under the Category – Relationships. I hope you understand why.

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A Sunset from the East

So many choices, every day, every moment. And it is because of the freedom of choices we have that ironically lands us in their bondage instead of liberating us. What liberates you may be different from what liberates me, but eventually a life of freedom is what we crave, isn’t it?


The place where I live used to be open and green, but is fast changing into a concrete jungle. Sad. But I saw an incredible sight that gave me some hope. Have a look at these photos I took the other evening.

sunset from the east 1

sunset from the east 2The second photo shows part of an ugly unfinished (since the past 2 years!) office building where we used to watch some beautiful sunsets. Naturally it was disappointing to be blocked off from our evening ritual. I resigned myself to the “progress” and accepted this in the name of “development”.

Then I was truly delighted to be able to see our beloved sunset reflected off another office block across from us. And it was such a novel way to view the majesty of the sun.

This experience made me think of the choices we have. We are essentially made of the same stuff, but it is only our choices that differentiate us. We can choose to have the attitude to block or to reflect.

But there are also times when we don’t have a choice. As life evolves we need to adapt so that we can continue to shine and reflect.

I wanted to provide for my daughters as well as be free to pursue my creative interests in writing and music. It was proving difficult to do this with a full time job which was stifling me. My own traditional form of business was a struggle for growth and to be honest, I wasn’t cut out to be aggressive enough to survive in that competitive world. I was becoming the unfinished building, I was becoming the block, I needed to shine.

I never realised that for the past few years I had been subconsciously looking to working on my own personal development. So when I got an opportunity to develop myself and learn new skills with a business I could work from home at my own pace, I knew I had no choice but to adapt to my new environment.

I need to see my sunset from the East.


We train people who are willing to think different and to work different. People who believe there is a way to achieve their financial goals and freedom by developing their personal and leadership skills. People who like to help others reach their full potential and dreams.

If you have more interest, please leave your details in my Contact page and I will call you right back to have a quick chat about this opportunity.


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where light divides

From the International Space Station here is the India-Pakistan border at night. This photograph shows one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen at night. The winding border between Pakistan and India is lit by security lights that have a distinct orange tone.

India-Pak border
perhaps we hid behind borders because we are afraid to see
that “the other side” is no different from us
perhaps we don’t want to see ourselves in “them”
and so we light up borders and emulate the lines in our hearts
and our tongues deny that we speak the same language
so many borders such little land

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a wish for wealth

imagination is luxury, without charge
treasures are hidden in creativity
leave your legacy in your uniqueness

be kind with abundance
find riches in relationships
add value with your words
your security lies in sharing

let your personality be plentiful
may your passion lead to prosperity

a smile never made anyone poorer

you can never hoard time
for time seeps away silently
it was never yours to begin with

and a day will come when
your worth shall be measured
not by the coins you accumulated
but by the wealth you shared

what can you carry 
that will not stifle you?
only moments…



Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s article 
“Just like children, we will have to learn to share”


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certitude, for sure

certitude for sure hardens society
(open up to possibilities, perceptions)

knowledge consciously clutters minds
(ponder over the depth of Alif*)

wisdom clears your heart with poise
(submerge into the clarity of silence)

observation subtly soothes the soul
(kindle your awareness from within)

certitude, for sure
restrains the promise of infinity


* Alif is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet

Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar
Ik Alif teray darkaar

(Stop seeking all this knowledge my friend
Only an Alif is what you need)

Read Baba Bulleh Shah’s full poem plus translation


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music is…

music is
circles of sound

rhythm of light
thoughts of a poet
stitched together
in a tapestry of waves

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Become You

Become Aware (1)

Recently I completed a personal development and leadership program. This has had a tremendous effect on the way I think, as well as on my creativity. I feel a very subtle yet clear shift in my thoughts.

The personal development program has helped me look at life in a different way. I was surprised (pleasantly!) that the program has a spiritual feel to it. In addition it has had a positive effect on my relationships and provided me with the opportunity to create time as well as financial freedom. I have learnt (and continue to learn) new skills and am so looking forward to my fresh adventure in life.

I needed to work different, but to do that I needed to think different.

This micropoem was inspired by the personal development program.

I have started an additional blog where I will be writing about my personal development as well as how it has helped me enter a new profession. I would be so happy to see familiar faces and look forward to making new friends. There will be poetry for sure! It is my space to experiment at different levels.

Reality isn’t really that real you know.

Living with awareness is such a beautiful and tingling experience, try it!

Prosper with Passion

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Celebrating Courage


It is true
Dreams are not for the weak
You need courage to imagine
Persistence to hope
Self-respect to keep walking 
Dreams are fragile


Today I have the pleasure to celebrate courage. The courage of my dear friend Kanwal who has shown a whole lot of us how to tackle life when it deals us an unexpected blow. While befriending cancer she has shown hope, she is persistent, dignified and has the guts to dream even though they may be fragile. I also know that it is difficult to go through trials on our own and it would be an injustice if I didn’t mention the almost unbelievable patience, love and support her husband has given her.

All my love for great health and happiness ….

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Rest in Music


Today is our music teacher’s birthday
He is celebrating with the Ultimate Musician

We had much to do together
He is deeply missed

May he rest in music

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truths for sale

truths for sale
in the market place
to the highest bidder

each truth tailor made
to specific needs
designed to deceive

leadership truths
guaranteed to convert
accusations into victimisation

religious truths
riddled with repetetive rituals, and
concealed between poetic scriptures

romantic truths, ah our speciality
the sweetest of truths, the simplest too
tell them only what they want to hear

truths for sale…

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