moments of silence

who knew that moments of silence
could inflict lacerations
as slight as paper cuts
and eventually break a heart
who knew…?


Inspiration: A paper cut on my wrist. Ouch!

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sweet words

why blame my sweet words


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anthers of a flower

a forgotten acquaintance offers flowers
to eat, their anthers specifically which
i must say were nectary, sitting
in a red double-decker bus until
other passengers boarded
i then drove my car into
a dark so dense, so deep even
darkness was not visible
hesitantly moving on
bewildered, bewildered, bewildered!

i was guided to a bluish dawn perhaps
not ready for endarkenment…yet
driving down a spiral staircase
residents staring out in horror
devastation of my beloved city
sacred places i frequent, obliterated
infidel, infidel, infidel!
…i woke


none, not one of the 6, yes SIX alarms could rouse me from my early morning nightmare today

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Earlier this year I made it into the lists of 10 Contemporary Poets in Sub-Saharan Africa and 20 promising contemporary Kenyan Poets redefining the art form . Needless to mention, I was in the esteemed company of some seriously talented poets. After much contemplation, I decided to share this recognition with you all who read my work, and greatly encourage and support me. Such a beautiful journey and I am proud that I have grown in very unexpected ways. Delighted!

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the next world

he said the world is round
she said well, the next world will be flat
after much contemplation
they agreed to disagree

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a secret escapes

from the heart
a secret escapes
through the tongue
too late…
for recall
hear the shatter
of broken trust

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my perception of me is because of the presence of you

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I was mesmerized when I heard this arrangement and just had to share

Listen to our music teacher Issac, so beautiful, so talented!


How different really are we from each other?
I believe if there is one thing that will unite us, it is Sound

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ink painting

it was the ink painting itself
the artist was a mere façade
for those who refuse to believe

creativity hangs in the air
searching for the one who is receptive
it could be you…


I keep getting asked how I think up my poetry. I hope the above verse explains it all

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Edge of Nothing

at the edge of nothing and beyond nothing
i found even more nothing
it is this nothing that holds the stars in their places
the same nothing that is between each cell in my body

that space where nothing exists where nothing is extinguished
that space of uncreating creation that space of indestructibility

the nothing that is in the span between sound and silence
that which is in the pause between the answer and another question

the space slightly above my skin
and that slightly below my skin
filled with the power of zero
expanding in opposite directions
to two different worlds
voids that feel familiar

the space between each eyelash
where dreams are trapped
and they mingle with tears
and it is in that space within the teardrop that i am
each time i cried that you made me feel like nothing
i now thank you immensely
from the space that you created
in each crevice of my broken heart
….more nothing for me
for nothing is real
only nothing is real


I wrote this poem in February this year inspired by the most majestic sunrise I was fortunate to witness. See the photos and you will understand why it was so inspirational. It was just by chance that I noticed the sunrise, through a slight opening in my curtains just as I was going back to sleep. The poem was also an experience of my meditation.



2741 2745
2747 2749

(I am not sure why I took so long to post this)

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