reflections within reflections

when we are still and face one anotherreflections within reflectionswe see the infinity in ourselves #Pawetry 😸

the end of waiting

you said "wait" and so i did and so i realised that you were right waiting is not a choice it is all i can do and if it is all i can do then at the least, i must do it well well enough for the waiting to finally end *** I have always … Continue reading the end of waiting

The Mystic of Mackinnon Road

Mackinnon Road train station lies along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway near Mariakani town. The most outstanding landmark here is the Mackinnon Road Mosque that was built as a result of the tomb of Seyyid Baghali, who was a foreman at the time of building the railway fabled for his tremendous strength and according to many, charmed … Continue reading The Mystic of Mackinnon Road

Pratiksha – The Wait

It was not the distance but the direction That kept me from you Searching through cosmic marvels Within each duality Though I did hear your call And I know you heard mine Why else would I be drawn towards you? Irresistible, though the magnetic pull was no more than zero (and no less) Spinning through … Continue reading Pratiksha – The Wait

ConSequence – #21 Outro

Power to Create

Sequence – #20 Power to Create

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Power to Create

I do not exist

Sequence – #19 Luxury

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Luxury

I do not exist

Sequence – #18 Found

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Found

I do not exist

Sequence – #17 I Do Not Exist

Poetry by Sonya Kassam I do not exist

I do not exist

Sequence – #16 Carefree Moments

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Carefree Moments

Carefree Moments

Sequence – #15 Gratefulness

poetry by sonya kassam gratefulness


Sequence – #14 Your Own Rhythm

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Your own rhythm

Your own rhythm

Sequence – #13 Disillusionment

poetry by sonya kassam disillusionment


Sequence – #12 Life, your own Creation

poetry by sonya kassam life your own creation

Life, your own creation