nothing but everything

it is not nothing
but everything that is empty
while everything is momentary
nothing is imperishable


It has been too long since I updated my blog. As mentioned in my previous post The Sun Shifts, life took over me, but it is only momentary.

I came across this poem I had written a year ago, inspired by #orjay on Twitter. Have fun deciphering it, I had to read it a couple of times myself.


The Sun Shifts


the sun shifts, ever so subtle
only a shadow shall recognise
…. and destiny

and destiny is mischievous

embrace the change
befriend your destiny



The sun has entered a new phase, the arrival of spring, abundance of harvest, new beginnings.

May your ego be as insignificant as a tiny sesame seed and may your life spread the sweetness of jaggery.

My life seems to be entering a new phase as well and I need all the blessings and wishes I can get :)

I haven’t been writing as regularly as I used to. 2017 was a tough year :( Though I must say that I did try out quite a few new ideas.

I am looking for a job and in the meanwhile I taught myself to set up an online shop. Please do visit Rekindle

If you live in Kenya and you like my e-shop, then share it! If you live outside of Kenya and have any friends here (apart from me!) please do share it with them.



Makar Sankranti is celebrated in India with kite flying, eating ladoos made of sesame seed and jaggery.


finding forever

just because you couldn’t hear me
didn’t mean I was silent

hear my silence

(if I searched forever,
I couldn’t have found a better image)


and that would have been it until @coldtusker (CT) asked me
“Did you search?”
instantaneously the answer came to me
“I found my forever”

Which got me thinking that forever is not of time nor of a place, it is more like something we become. The more subtle we are, the closer to becoming forever.

I believe that double the respect should go to the questioner than to the one who provides the answers.

May we all find our forevers in the coming year!


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the end of waiting


you said “wait”
and so i did
and so i realised
that you were right
waiting is not a choice

it is all i can do
and if it is all i can do

then at the least,
i must do it well

well enough
for the waiting to finally end


I have always struggled with patience.
More about it here Just One Request
and I wondered how to wait in Pratiksha – the Wait.

What you resist, shall persist.

I have done my best not to resist,
and I hope the manner in which I waited
shall now reward me with the end of waiting.


Inspiration: Sadhguru


Father Nature

Earlier this year my younger sister suggested that I write a poem for our father’s 80th birthday. It got me thinking about how his personal values, principles and teachings are so much in synch with nature.

So, here is Father Nature

humility of grass
overlooked and overtrodden
yet springs back each time, unharmed

shade of trees
bearing the brunt of sunrays
selflessly cooling all that within reach

patience of a gardener
only tending to the purpose
flowers flourish with divine timing

simplicity of the sky
appearing as just a cover for earth
yet vast beyond imagination, eternal

like the first flight of a bird
wings though separate, working as one
conquering fear with unwavering faith

as a mountain stands strong, silent
its presence felt over distances
an unimaginable strength lies in its unseen roots


the 5th stanza
like the first flight of a bird
wings though separate, working as one
conquering fear with unwavering faith
also refers to our mother. I see them as wings on one bird.

Couple of weeks ago our parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary :)

Lots of love and gratitude from all of us xx



my breath and i


to be in that space
long disregarded by time
untouched by memory
spiralling in unimagination
even god should not dare
my breath and i
or even not i


I have completed over a year of my daily breathing/meditation practise. It has surprised me…pleasantly :) never imagined I could be disciplined enough. I gifted my meditation chair a new cover. Have a look

IMG_20171113_193753 (1)

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Ancient Connections

(for the teachers who found me
some came, taught, left
others still grace my life)

~Ancient Connections~

with a voice that melts lyrics like warm honey
reminds of the gentle fragrance of incense
what higher form of devotion
than the offering of eternal music
that echoes in every heart

unseen are ancient connections
unbroken though lifetimes have passed
may our paths be entwined forever
the way a melody is bound to rhythm
and the soul exists within vibration

…and you shall be found
that is the bond of your master


I was inspired to write this poem after constantly listening to this beautiful dedication Guru Meri Pooja by Nitin Dawar.


Nitinji is not only a talented and soulful singer/musician, but he is also an inspiring Art of Living teacher. I had the good fortune to volunteer for the Happiness program conducted in Kawangware, Nairobi last month. The course was made available at a special low rate to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Working with him as he facilitated this huge project, yet made it seem so effortless was fascinating. Nitinji engaged with people from all walks of life so naturally.

The Happiness course was a 2 day event. The difference I saw in the participants by the second day was phenomenal. Lot more stillness and silence … and plenty of smiles! Participants had such positive experiences.

Here are some photos of the Happiness program. Nitinji, Asante sana! And we hope to have many such programs to create a Stress-free Violence-free society. 🙏

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