Index J – Q


judgement day
just one request – My response to Making God Laugh
Just One Word – One poetry and a story of Tweets


Keep It Hidden – Inspiration: An autobiography I read
Kun Fayakun – I wanted to show the beauty of this phrase
the knower of secrets


The Listener – My first ever poem
Labeling People – Quote
A Love Beyond …. – Dedicated to the one who knew I would write
The Lesser Gods
A Legacy Forgotten
Lost Soul
The Last Option – Something to think about
The Look of Love – What does love look like?
the last question
the last poets
to love again
love wings
The Last Page – Poetry for the dreamer
Love Truths
Loving You is Hard Work – If I have to work hard at loving you, by God I shall do just that
leave heaven – Who would ever want to leave heaven?
love…and hatred
lie after lie – after lie after lie
Lessons in Humanity – What a beautiful inspiration I had when I wrote this. Some heart warming photos as well
lovers and haters
The Lost Prayer – Ironically, I had lost this poem when I jotted it down on a scrap of paper
The Lady Of Light – I was requested to write this poem. Otherwise, I would never have dared
the last chapter – For the book lovers
loved my silence – How many of us have experienced this?
A Land, Broken – An assignment from my poetry workshop. I am so pleased with it
Lal Shahbaz Qalandar  – This poem is my voice. Let this poem also be your voice
Listen to Me – If you have a moment…
A Letter from God – When I was encouraged to write an essay instead of poetry

the lost art– My first poetry recitation. The theme demanded it from me, so I plucked up the courage.
Legacy of a Gentle Man – Memorial evening for our beloved Papa :'(


More Than Words – I started my blog with this poem
The Master and the Student – When the student is ready… 
Mischief of the Moon – I have a thing for the moon (if you haven’t already noticed)
Mumbled Words
moments of infinity – Inspiration: An unintended photograph
my senses
more or less – I love this and share it so frequently
Mellifluous Moments – Some more of my music
The Myth of Me – A little bit about me and an inspiration from a photo of my daughter Samia
a mound of earth –  My response to the prompt Patterns. I started off with a completely blank mind
More Than Words – One of my favorite songs and my response to the prompt I’d Rather Be …
My Birth Place, a Dedication – Inspiration: An amazing photo of my birth place
melting point of music – Powerful message from this video
music is…
more – The tragedy of life
moments of silence – Inspiration: A paper cut on my wrist!
My First Poem
Moments of Meditation – Beautiful meditative experience
Moon light – Photography on a full moon night
The Mystic of Mackinnon Road – A lot of research for this assignment and I felt a mystical energy whilst writing this. Beautiful song and articles to accompany my poetry.
my breath and i – An achievement in my spiritual practise


Nothing Is Ever Dead – 3rd of 3 poems I wrote one morning
A Necessary War – Not something I would like to write about
No Ordinary Sermon – My 100th poem. I would urge you to read these beautiful poetic sayings
Not Within, Nor Without – Another rare romantic poem 
nothing so divine – A commandment so divine
no choice – I am fond of this poem
no mirrors please
nothing much – Sometimes this poem confuses me, other time it makes perfect sense
Never Too Late – A constant reminder to myself
North of your Soul – Oh, this was an amazing experience. One of my favorites too
no name
no one can deny
new experiences
No Ordinary Lion – A dedication to the iconic lion Mohawk and other lions 
New York Evenings – A beautiful essay written by my daughter Alya
the next world  – Can’t help smiling at this :)


only in stories – If you want to be motivated…
The Odd Couple – Guest post and an interesting interaction
The Only Way Out – This quote continues to be read by many visitors to my site
On Stranger Tides
an oasis in sight
own light  – Another poem about the moon

one wave
own gods
Once Upon a Time
of survival, possessions and purpose – A purpose in life?

of exceptions and consequences  – A micropoem packed with meaning
only meaning
of knowns and unknowns – an interaction that will surely make you think
of absence and presence – a poet’s revenge?
Of Attachment and Detachment – A poetic protest
once upon a time – I would rank this poem as one of my favorites. The image was perfection.


Peace – This poem made me want to write poetry. It was written by Alya, then aged 12
The Pistachio Shell – A guest post. Beautiful depiction of the Pistachio nut
Perspectives of Love – Guest post by a wacky couple
A Paradox I Am and Others … – A collection of micropoetry to celebrate one year of my writing
Praying Hands – Sharing a couple of thoughtful quotes
Pilgrimage of Prayer
Perfected Perfection – Quote

Perfect Partners – I really had fun writing this story/poem
A Poetic Pause – Magic created by Tagore and the amazing band Khiyo
Pray for Patience – This should make you smile
the pedestal cracks – About woman and her place in society
the perfect mirage – For the dreamers
the power of tranquility – The message this poem reveals
pain or gain
The Poetry of Laughter – Take a few minutes to watch this video

punish or redeem
Pulse – I came across some amazing videos

the point that turned – My response to The Turning Point
People Power
Pratiksha – The Wait – a painting, a poem and a coincidence?
The Padre’s Shroud – A follow up poem to the mythical figure assignment The Mystic of Mackinnon Road


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questionless answers
questions answered