Our poetry group assignment was to create two poems with instructions, one on How to and the other one should be the reverse How Not To…

Here, I am sharing my instructions How Not to Meditate

open eyes, turn your head side to side
blink! bewildered by fuzzy logic
slouch, NTV, KTN, KBC
shallow breaths, racing pulse
think! mind sprinting in reverse
yesterday, tomorrow, plan & plan some more
long, hot bubbly baths, fragrant
drink! double espresso to go
debate, agitate, unmeditate
NTV, KTN, KBC are local TV channels, and I am referring to their news broadcasts here

11 thoughts on “UnMeditate

        1. I feel we are too conscious that we are having thoughts and trying to stop them.

          The advice I received is to let thoughts flow, don’t dwell on them. You will notice them less and less. Soon enough they will only feature in the background, similar to your heartbeat…you know it’s there but you give it no attention.

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