come walk with me

in between heaven and hell
i am destined
neither craving one
nor fearing the other
come walk my path of beauty
free your heart to see

unpray your prayers
unforgive your sins
discard these burdens
idle weights on your soul
come walk with me

words without meaning
predictable infatuations
forever diffuses into nothing
nothing remains forever
come walk with me

come walk with me
though i seek no companion
while, blinded by the ego
you are in need of a guide
… a friend

9 thoughts on “come walk with me

  1. Sonya,

    This is a wonderful poem. Thank you for it!

    The first section conveys the fragrance of Hazrat Rabia of Basra. So lovely and powerful are your words here.

    There’s so much depth here, even about walking about which there are, I’m told, mysteries.

    All good wishes,



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