I wonder

I wonder

Where lightning goes after the flash
Does it become the silver lining?

Where do dreams go as we wake
Or do they hide under our eyelids?

What happens to words after you speak
Are they written on the pages of time?

And the pain when wounds heal
Do cells cling on to memories?

The peal after the bells sound
Does it embrace your heart to offer comfort?

What about time when it has passed
Will we one day meet our hours spent?

I wonder where birds go to die
Perhaps they become winged angels instead?

I wonder if the horizon realizes
The majesty of the sun depends on it

And do the roots of the mountains ever
Begrudge the burden they bear

And when fairies want to tickle the imagination
Do they narrate to their children human tales?

Where are unanswered prayers stored
Do they become blessings to others?

And I wonder where this poem came from
When all I had was a mind so barren

I wonder

14 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. When I was 8 years old, I was taught a poem in school called “I wonder”. It went something like this, “I wonder why the grass is green and why the wind is never seen, who taught the birds to build a nest and told the trees to take a rest…” It is a poem I still remember after decades because at that time it stoked my imagination. But your truly inspired creation, has just blown away my regard for the other “I wonder”. From this day forth, I will be in awe of your “I wonder”. It has an angelic twinkle to it… And my favourite wonder? I will leave you wondering…with only the hint that I have a soft spot for hope and happy endings… Bravo!


    1. It’s sad how we admire the might of the mountain but never think about what holds them firmly in their place, like unsung heroes.

      For the record, my favorite wonder was:
      I wonder if the horizon realizes
      The majesty of the sun depends on it

      Would we admire the sun as much if it suddenly came up on us and just as suddenly disappeared?

      Thank you for your thoughts :)


  2. Dear Sonya,

    What an absolutely wonderful poem!

    You’ve questioned everything, and as such, left us with wonderment which is, I believe, the very best lens through which to view everything.

    Thank you!

    All good wishes,



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