Time To Wake

time to wake your conscience
long subdued by arrogance
no better guide
will you find
neither in preacher
nor any scripture

8 thoughts on “Time To Wake

  1. Your words, as usual, convey what I believe to be a universal Truth… There is always a voice inside that tells right from wrong… Whether we choose to listen, subdue, belittle, remains upon us… I also believe that this voice is our spiritual connection with the Origin of everything… And therefore it knows better than scripture and preacher, which are physical and therefore second and third hand copies of the universal Truth…

    I love this poem…


  2. Greetings,
    Thank you for this most interesting poem. This conveys strongly the message that we all need a worthy guide.
    All good wishes,


  3. Yes I agree arrogance does let you lose your conscience. So from this I understand one’s conscience is a better guide than a preacher or scripture.well said Sonya. Thank you for this.


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