Shifting Words

shamelessly shifting words
of syrupy campaign promises

did you miss it?
fret not
you can catch reruns
every five years

6 thoughts on “Shifting Words

  1. Mauritius is in anticipation of a general election before year end… And the syrupy words and promises towards the electorate have begun… Promises of jobs, infrastructure, wealth… And, many people, while seeing through all this, remain powerless to do anything about it… And even get enticed into believing… Does it have something to do with “gentle lies”? ;-)


  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for this post which so well captures the perennial politic-speak.

    May genuine leaders grow up out of a dissatisfied humanity to express our (humanity) deepest aspirations!

    All good wishes,



    1. True Robert. Sadly, change seems to happen only when we reach complete dissatisfaction or the lowest point. Genuine leaders are hard to find. I like to believe that perhaps some of them did intend to carry out promises…what happens after they get elected though? Is it because we, the people don’t keep them in check? We don’t demand accountability? Not enough of us speak up?


      1. Hi,
        I think, when dissatisfaction reaches a certain point, then what you describe (e.g., demanding accountability, speaking up, etc.) will indeed take on a new energy. The level of this dissatisfaction may, however, be very uncomfortable.
        Poor political leaders are frustrating.
        All good wishes,


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