The God Particle

Out of curiosity
I analysed God
Particle by particle
And I realised
The Lowest

As it was
In you
In them

In me I had
The potential to be
Him who I purportedly
And I could be
The one who slays
In His name
And I had
The freedom
To choose

And for the particle
I possess
I could express
Or discontent
For the particles
They have

And the particle
I was born with
But well before
May not be the same
As the particle
I will die with
And well after

10 thoughts on “The God Particle

  1. Sonya, this is a very thought provoking poem… So much meaning in the words. I truly admire your creativity, ethics and ideas. I particularly liked the part about being grateful and trying to improve who I am rather than being discontented and envious… Bravo!


  2. Greetings,
    Thank you for this interesting post.
    It is unusual, is it not, how the particle in this world is wrapped up in a self-determining ego, with the power to choose this or that. It’s as if one thing must grow stronger in life so that it becomes the ruling faculty.
    All good wishes,


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