truths or lies

there are more lies
in truths of today
than they were
in yesterday’s lies
how many lies
there will be

what you hear
truths or lies
add a grain of salt
no truth
nor any lie
is constant

your perception
of truth or lie
will change
over time
and experience
with history uncovered
through every narrator

only you
can recognise
your own truths
only you
can fabricate
your own lies

don’t be

go beyond the truth
there waiting to be asked
lie the right questions

9 thoughts on “truths or lies

    1. Hi, that is a wonderful quote and I am happy you shared it here to beautifully enhance what I am trying to say. I have visited your blog and you have a remarkable eye for capturing nature together with you simple words, it is a great combination.


  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this poem. With your words, you have challenged perceptions and pointed the way to open doors. Thank you again.

    All good wishes,



    1. Dear Ranu,

      This poem came to me one early morning during Ramadhan and I had forgotten all about it till I went through my notes…more like scribbling :-)

      As to the question how do I come up with my poetry? Well I think I can best reply in the form of another poem…see my next post “there was a time”

      With best wishes to you…


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