You Look Like Me

You Look Like Me

Your smile glows like mine
Tears drop when we’re crying
Hunger hurts me and you
Yet hope fills us anew

Perhaps our names differ
But your words seem familiar
The same struggles we face
As our pay vanishes with no trace

The soil feeds us together
Both of us wary of nature
Your mountain ends in my valley
My river flows into your sea

Could I have been there
And you here?
Are our gods separate
Or is this a quirk of fate?

When the fire of hatred spread
Why did you only see me?
You should have looked at yourself
You look like me


You (Still) Look Like Me

Do you wonder where I am, neighbor?
What I eat
Or do all day long?

Those, whose words incited you
Tell me
Do they know your name
Or that of your last born?

How is she anyway?
Does she ask of her friend
The one we had to leave behind?

Did you ever try to find me, neighbor?
Even if you welcomed me with open arms
I would not come back
You fought without a cause

As the time approaches
Whispers hang heavy in the air

Remember me when you see your neighbor
And look at yourself
You also look like him

9 thoughts on “You Look Like Me

  1. This is a great tribute to a not-so-great event as you wrote it for. It conveys the same sense of oneness that my tribute on the Rwandan genocide anniversary does. I love these lines:
    “You should have looked at yourself
    You look like me”.
    They particularly sound like my question “Will you be my brother?”
    Poem posted here:


    1. Yes, soon as I read your tribute I felt it was all too familiar. Thank you for reading this poem and leaving your thoughts on it. Wherever we hail from, let us pray for peace for one another.


  2. Greetings,
    I love this…a lot.
    I love the sense of *relation* that is conveyed in every word.
    Thank you for it.
    All good wishes,


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