Seeds of Wisdom

seeds of wisdom
were planted by elders
but we divided the land
each clan neglected
to water the seeds
now we mourn
weeds of disunity

About Sonya Kassam

Expressing myself through poetry
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7 Responses to Seeds of Wisdom

  1. Reminded me of how even within families we have broken apart the traditions of wisdom… remember the bollywood movie, Baghban, did you ever watch it?

    It also reminded me of my grandfathers (both paternal and maternal)… how little they spoke, how much they listened, how mindful they were, how respected and respectful… how much I miss that…

  2. Erik Conover says:

    Elders are the true treasure we have in society. I recently met an old man, 85 years old who had the best advice on how to live a full life.
    – Erik

  3. Robert says:

    Dear Sonya,
    Thank you for this sober poem.
    In unity, then, we share weeds which, as we know, may flower with right rain.
    All good wishes,

  4. ranu802 says:

    Nice thoughts, Sonya.

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