Another interesting assignment from my poetry workshop
The voice is a wall that’s watching you. Yes, a wall!
The first poem should be during the day, the revised one at night
Both poems to retain the same word count


Indeed, ears we have

Alas! No tongue
To tell her of my longing

For those soft footsteps at dawn
Scent of sleep yet to dissipate
As she craves her first cup

Whirr of these curtain runners
Light pours within, better late…
She glides past me like breath
Which can only be felt, not touched
My eyes strain, though nothing new left to see


Resist the night, dark is lonely
Steady breath, stillness of a meditative mind
Frustration of playing the same notes over
How pleasing the sound, if only she knew
Conversations on #JKL, pink fleecy blanket

Unfinished poetry fills pages
Absent-minded, she chews on a Pelikan pen
Unnoticed stands the observer

A final cup, before sleep takes her away
Secrets safe with me

The mute!


(#JKL refers to a TV talk show)

The subject matter of this poem was frustrating
My notebook bore the brunt of it :(
I never stared so hard at a wall in my life
More unnerving was the realisation that the wall was also looking at me :o

Observe the structure
Poems had to be written in a modified Fibonacci sequence
The first poem 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 5 lines
For the second poem, the shape had to be inverted
5 lines, 3 lines, 2 lines, 1 line

I have mostly written freehand, unruly poetry
Being introduced to the concepts of structure is utterly fascinating
When we observe a discipline, something very different from what you intend emerges
So glad I made the effort of participating in the workshop

The time I decided to share my writing, I had a mere handful of poems
And no idea how I was ever going to fill up the blog
Today, I am inching so close to 400 posts!
I have learnt from this amazing 4 1/2 year journey – Just take the first step…

11 thoughts on “Wallowing

  1. Well written. I used to post to another website that required contest entries be in specific forms. It was there that I fell in love with the Rondeau style of poetry. I guess because I had to memorize “In Flanders Fields” as a young boy. Since then, I have returned to the form several times. I find it very challenging.


  2. It seems a very interesting way of expressing yourself.This form of poetry is fascinating. Apart from other things it keeps you on the subject. It certainly is a treat to be able to force yourself to write what is expected of you. Nice job, Sonya. :)


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