The Spring Chrysalis

The Spring Chrysalis

(Another beautiful poem by my daughter, KimberLite at age 14)

And even the sun will wait
Awed by the stunning glow on your face
The wind will stop mid-air
So the leaves can stop and stare

The birds will walk instead of flying
The sharks will sink when you are gliding
Across the silvery crystal ocean
And now the world is silenced by your motion

Watch the duckling become a swan
Amaze the world with your breathtaking form
For you can tame the wildest rattlesnake
And walk on the waters of the largest lake

And watch the world blossom in your eyes
Greener than the trees bluer than the skies
The life of the dead now new and fresh
Welcomed by their own blood and flesh


Spring is the time of land’s awakening

11 thoughts on “The Spring Chrysalis

  1. This was so sweet and filled with the wonder a youngster has when taking in the world. Well done KimberLite and kudos to mom for sharing this.


  2. Wow!! This is so very beautifully written :D I am so honored that you chose to share this poem written by your daughter Sonya. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support.

    Lots of love,


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