a wish for wealth

imagination is luxury, without charge
treasures are hidden in creativity
leave your legacy in your uniqueness

be kind with abundance
find riches in relationships
add value with your words
your security lies in sharing

let your personality be plentiful
may your passion lead to prosperity

a smile never made anyone poorer

you can never hoard time
for time seeps away silently
it was never yours to begin with

and a day will come when
your worth shall be measured
not by the coins you accumulated
but by the wealth you shared

what can you carry 
that will not stifle you?
only moments…



Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s article 
“Just like children, we will have to learn to share”


11 thoughts on “a wish for wealth

  1. Dear Sonya,

    I like this poem a lot. It brings alive the truth that richness is found in giving, sharing, understanding, and uplifting, and that we have such a precious short time to gain (read: give) this wealth.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    All good wishes,



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