Two Stories

every side has two stories
every story has two endings
every ending has two purposes
every purpose will find two answers
every answer has two questions
every question leads to two conspiracies
every conspiracy targets two victims
every victim creates two oppressors
every oppressor deserves to die twice
every death is traveled on two paths
every path has an intersection
every intersection faces two choices
every choice relies on two experiences
every experience needs two teachers
every teacher guides two students
every student must learn two lessons
every lesson leads to two destinies
every destiny has seen two dreams
every dream reveals two reflections
every reflection has two mirrors
every mirror has two beholders
every beholder sees two types of beauty
every beauty has two blemishes
every blemish represents two struggles
every struggle has encountered two walls
every wall has a side you can see
and a side you can’t
every side has…
…two stories

2 thoughts on “Two Stories

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing with us this poem. Clearly, there is always an alternate perspective :).

    All good wishes,



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