Wings of Icarus

Wings of Icarus

Each time you keep taking me higher
I lose myself completely
One day
I will fall from these heights
Will I clutch onto those flimsy clouds?
The stars will betray me too
The sun and the moon will mock me
Yet I want more
Uncaring of tomorrow
Take me
Show me what lies beyond
And beyond that
And further
Leave love for the lovers
We have each other

(The journey continues in The Rise of Icarus)

8 thoughts on “Wings of Icarus

  1. This is pretty awesome. Simple, warm and true.

    Yes, we want the complete and all-encompassing euphoria that love brings and we soar, day after day, comfortable in that. Whenever there are downs we wonder if our significant other would be there to support us emotionally. Many times we’d rather just be.

    I’d rather live for the moment.


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