unanswered prayer

and here I am
your unanswered prayer
if only you would
rise from your prostration

pray with one eye open
for how will you know
He has responded?
or do you become blind
and fail to recognise a gift?

His bounties are all around you
but you keep asking
yet more
and then some more

each prayer
with good intention
is answered
in its own time
through its own way

you don’t even need to ask
isn’t the All-Knowing
one of His names?

(yet another old poem I had not yet posted)

10 thoughts on “unanswered prayer

  1. Prayer works in different ways for me. Sometimes it is for me to accept what is in my way. I like your thought provoking ending. Still, religion calls us to pray.


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you very much for such a powerful, prayerful poem. Notable is your highlighting of *intention*, the root of all Bounty.

    All good wishes,



  3. I love this! … especially the first two sections, which are so cleverly phrased. While I do believe we are called to “ask” as evidence of our faith, I do like your ending as well.


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