truths for sale

truths for sale
in the market place
to the highest bidder

each truth tailor made
to specific needs
designed to deceive

leadership truths
guaranteed to convert
accusations into victimisation

religious truths
riddled with repetetive rituals, and
concealed between poetic scriptures

romantic truths, ah our speciality
the sweetest of truths, the simplest too
tell them only what they want to hear

truths for sale…

11 thoughts on “truths for sale

  1. Dear Sonya,

    And then there are the truths which continue to live way back off the dirt roads, their keepers looking not like religious scholars or knowledgeable at all. Unlike the truths for sale, the truths which they are protecting, and carrying into the future, are hidden in a dark bag which is attached to their hip with them everywhere they go.

    Thank you for this powerful poem!

    All good wishes,



      1. Don’t know if I was clear – facts certainly exist, but are masked behind embellishments by the sellers and the buyers only see fool’s gold. (don’t know if I’m still garbled…)


        1. I think I understood what you were getting at. But I feel there are different realities and perspectives from each side. That it why I am neither faulting what may appear to be as the greed of the seller nor the foolishness of the buyer.

          But the marketplace is certainly thriving :)

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